Becoming an AWESOME Student

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Hello Mr. Splane!

I was a student of yours a few semesters ago and thought it would be good to check out your website again. I came about your transcript and noticed you were an AWESOME student, I was just wondering what kind of studying techniques you used to do so well?

Thank you in Advance – Chris


 I'm sure other students would be interested, so I'll put my reply on the website. – Mike




Choosing classes:


Choosing professors:


Class Participation:




Memory Aids:


Note-taking in Class:



See my advice online at




Studying Textbooks:

Reading the textbook puts you way ahead of most of the other students.



A good team can make or break your grade so learning how to manage teams is vital.



For multiple choice exams:

For essay exams:

Definitions, Terms, Acronyms, and Formulas:


Time Management:



I found it was extremely helpful to study with another student, so I did a lot of tutoring.


Word Shortcuts:

Methods for quickly selecting text


Written Assignments:

I handled these in three different ways, depending on how familiar I was with the topic.


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