Study Guide for 91L Excel Final Exam


Review the Excel Overviews documents


Key Topics – Stuff you should know

Formulas with cell references to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,

Formulas combining two or more operations. For example = B4+C4-D4.

Formula to find a percentage.

Formulas dividing or multiplying using a mixed cell reference   ($B4 or B$4) or an absolute cell reference ($B$4).  You should know what happens when you copy the formula into other cells.

Combining a formula with a label using the & symbol.

Ranges: Range notation, naming a range, using range notation in a function. Using a range name in a function.

Functions: SUM, IF, VLOOKUP

Using the AutoSum icon.

Creating a data validation list.

Creating a pivot table

Changing the value field setting of a field in a pivot table.

Creating a bar chart and a column chart. Adding data labels.

Hiding columns

Sorting data in a table.

Using the Merge and Center tool.

Using the cell format dialog box to apply number formats to cells.

Using icons on the Home tab to format cells.


Good Video Review of basic Excel skills.

Preparing for an Excel Job-Skills Test    18:23


Practice Exam for Business 91L

The practice exam is longer than the actual in-class exam.

It is not required to take the practice exam but it will definitely improve your final exam score if you do take it.

The exam file linked in the instructions includes an “Answers” worksheet so you can check your work.

Students registering for the advanced version of 91L (BUS4 96X) should take this exam before the classes start to make sure they have the required basic skills for 96X.


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