Business 91L - Procedures, Help, and FAQs

During class students will be helping each other to complete the assignments. Talking in class is what makes the class work. Don’t wear headphones or earplugs!

A Check for Understanding (CFU) form is found at the end of each assignment. Read the learning objectives before starting the lesson. After you finish the lesson, copy and paste the CFU form into a Word document. Attach one screen shot, below the CFU form, showing that you did the work. Print the CU and turn it in during the following class session. You receive three points for every one you turn in if it is complete and on time.  Late CFU’s are worth one point. You can combine CFUs for two or more assignments on one printed page.

Many assignments will contain links to YouTube videos. Watch the videos before coming to class to work on the assignments.

Most students will finish the first of two daily assignments with time to spare. You can use the remaining class time to work on the second assignment or to help the other students in your row.  It is also okay to leave, but first check with the instructor. 

If you are having trouble reading an assignment from the webpage, press the CTRL and + keys to increase the font size on your web browser. Pressing CTRL and - shrinks the font.

If you can’t find an icon that is mentioned in the instructions, “Merge and Center” and “Wrap Text” for example, it may be because your Excel window is not maximized. If you expand the window to full size the icons are clearly labeled. Keyboard shortcuts are provided in the instructions to help you find the icon.

Each task in each assignment is numbered to make it easier for you to help one another or to email me with questions. If you have suggestions to make the instructions better, or if you find a typo, please let me know.

If you are working in the 2007 version of Office the ribbon will have a round button with a four-colored banner on it instead of the File tab. To work in Office 2010, save the file, close the 2007 application, open the 2010 application, and reopen the file. Continue working.

If you do not have Office 2010 on your computer you can do most of the work using Office 2007 or Office 2011. Save the file. Finish the tasks you can’t do on your own computer by using a computer in the open lab, BBC 304. You can also get help in the tutorial center in BBC 008.