Announcing BUS4  96X    -   Advanced Business Productivity Tools.

This semester, Fall 2016, the MIS department is offering a course in advanced Excel spreadsheet skills.  This course will meet on Thursdays for ten weeks from 4:30-5:45 in BBC 305, beginning on September 15th.  It counts as the equivalent of BUS 91L for the core course graduation requirements.  Like Business 91L, it is a ten-week, one-unit course, graded Credit or No Credit.  The course number is 49995. A textbook is not required for this course.


Why are we offering this course? In previous years we allowed students with good Excel skills to test out of the 91L course.  With a recent change in University policy, that option went away.  Instead of making all students take the basic Excel skills course, we are giving experienced Excel users the option to take a more challenging and useful course. Students who pass 96X will gain valuable skills that will help them succeed in the work force.


Who can take this course? All students who have passed 91L are eligible. Students who have not taken 91L are also eligible, if they can demonstrate that they already understand basic Excel skills. They can test their skills by taking this online sample exam at any time before the first day of class. The sample exam, with answers included, is here


How is 96X different from 91L? In 91L students work on individual assignments following step-by-step instructions to learn basic skills. In 96X students will be working in teams on challenging multiple-week projects involving macros, dashboards, graphics, databases, and pivot tables. The emphasis is on students coming up with their own solutions, not simply repeating steps.  Students will expand their skillset, gaining the type of experience employers are looking for, and preparing them to pass the Certified Microsoft Office Specialist exam.

More About the Course

The syllabus

Project 1

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