Student Evaluations of instructor Mike Splane

Business 91-L, Summer 2010

Departmental Feedback Form

1. What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?

Although I’ve worked with M/S products for a while the lessons I learned just on the first day got me real interested in the course.

Professor’s lame but weirdly funny jokes.

Your daily jokes. Missed one before the paper.

His jokes to start the class.

His jokes before class! I loved them!


He gives out candy when people ask questions in class.

He’s very good at explaining the subject.

Excel seemed hard and confusing in the beginning but now I understand the fundamentals.

Very helpful Excel skills to know.

Learning that formulas can be dragged across cells in Excel.

Formulas on multiple pages.

Writing IF and VLOOKUP functions in Excel.

I’ve never used Excel before, but the professor has definitely taught me more than I could have imagined.

Excel and PowerPoint. I didn’t know you could do so much.

I did the first PowerPoint by myself!

Not passing the first exam and then feeling very comfortable on the final at the end of the course.

2. What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

He gives a joke right before class starts, it makes students feel more relaxed.

Intelligent, shared personal experience, professional.

Showing every step and having the computer with me to be able to learn by doing it with him helped a lot.

Great pace and awesome instruction of hot keys!

His explanations were good.

Explained concepts well.

He was very patient and very thorough.

He was patient and addressed all questions.

Answering all questions.

Clear instructions. Repeated examples. Stopped for questions.

Repeated and reviewed a lot which was great.

Flexibility. Realistic expectations.

He showed concern in students learning the subject.

Homework assignments were relevant and helpful.


Teaching things we will actually use in our life.

Practical examples.

Professor Splane was well prepared for every class and focused on teaching things most relevant and useful in the outside world as well as school.

3. What should the instructor know in order to teach the course more effectively?

Did a great job.

Already knows everything!

Nothing. Very Good Professor!

Doing great.

Nothing more, great teacher.

I think professor Splane has a strong grasp of the material & a good selection of topics selected for the class.

Written information and knowledge is easy as the instructor explains it.

Everything was pretty effective.

He’s good to go!

He’s great already!

N/A You are very good at teaching.


If just can slow down a little bit will be better. However it’s already great! More jokes.

Sometimes students fall behind because they can’t keep up. Maybe slow down after each step.

Explain slower.

Maybe slow down just a bit.

Slow down a bit during first class.

More practice exercises.

Find practical use for learning material.

4. What changes would improve the overall value of the course?

There’s no need to make any changes! It’s great! And even students like me who are not good with computers can learn the material fast.

Seven people said “Nothing” or “None”


Teach an advanced class.

The course book is very basic. Homework takes longer to do because I don’t take notes in class and the book isn’t very detailed

Clearer homework instructions? Otherwise nothing needs to change.

Explain slower.

More students, because there are many empty computers.

Better jokes!

We should have more jokes and fun in class! Have some games will be fun!

Turn in my homework early.

Addition of printers and scanners in the classroom can help it expand.

Sharper projector


5. Would you recommend this course to other students?

Sixteen people said “Yes”

Yes, shortcuts and homework helped with new skills.

Yes because it teaches us skills that are useful.

Yes, definitely. J

Absolutely, and I already have.

Absolutely. I did not know anything about Excel before but now I know a lot, and not just about Excel but all the new components of Word and PowerPoint.

Definitely, excellent professor.

Yes! Outstanding!