Mike Splane – Spring 2011

Student Comments on Survey of Teaching Effectiveness Forms

The Strengths of this Instructor were:

I liked his insight and introduction to the class.

Loved what he was teaching and very knowledgeable about it.

Very clear and enthusiastic.

Clear instructions, well sorted schedule. Step-by-step grading.

He goes over steps until everyone is sure they understand them.

Always willing to repeat and explain.

He was easy to understand. The homework he had us do helped for the final.

The homework assignments were helpful.

The professor always took time to answer any questions the students had. Also, he seems very interested in helping the students learn.

Engaging, humorous, established relevance of material.

Everything was strong.

·         Questions were answered promptly.

·         Book went well with learning.

·         Very organized.

·         Well constructed web page.

·         Always felt prepared.

Knowledgeable about the subject. Knew the ins and outs about the topic discussed.

Teaching method, Helpful, Approachable for assistance.

Good/effective ways of presenting new material. Lectures/tutorials are easy to follow.

Great teacher, very effective.

I like the jokes! And your methods of teaching are superb. Keep at it!

Funny jokes. Clear teaching methods. Easy to understand homework.

Very responsive to his students.

Quick response through email. Helpful with the assignments that he teaches in class.

Was very patient. Responsive to questions.

Patient. Cared about the learning environment and students. Made learning enjoyable.

He created a comfortable atmosphere for learning.

He’s very lenient and easy-going.

Extremely energetic, laid back, informative.

Very hands on. Approachable. Detailed in explaining assignments.

Very informative.

Very clear, informative, easy to understand.

Knew how the material was applicable to real world and was able to properly convey that.

Was great at teaching this class.

He knows a lot about what he is doing and cares a lot about it.

Very helpful, used instructional teaching methods, approachable for help.

Tries to lighten class mood, responsive to questions, showed demonstrations clearly.

Enjoyable, enthusiastic, didactic.

Relaxing and passionate. Good learning environment.

Very good teaching methods. Made the atmosphere relaxing and easy to learn.

He is very clear on instructions. Helps students outside of class.

Approachable, funny, fair grader.

Very friendly, always helpful. Excellent teacher.

Helped students with their problems.

Really helpful and goes over all material well.

Clear, concise, was open to questions and concerns. Excellent!!

Very nice and welcoming. Easy to talk to. Responds fast to emails.

Clear explanation. Willing to assist students. Wants students to do well/learn.

Very knowledgeable of all business tools on Microsoft Office.

Very knowledgeable about material. Makes class enjoyable. A+

Very helpful/very good in teaching. His instruction is strong.

Great professor.

Very organized, clear, forgiving and functional.

I like the way he encourages his students with candy.

Very good at teaching and helping students. Easy-going.

Very clear examples. Homework assignment really helped with understanding material.

The Weaknesses of this Instructor were:

Goes too fast showing how to do some things.

Went through some of the topics/assignments a little fast.

Talks a bit fast.

He goes a little fast on some parts.

Sometimes went too fast.

Sometimes a little fast.

Too slowly.

Spending too much time on simple functions.

Textbook instructions are not so clear.

Getting students off Facebook in class.

He could engage students in group work.

Better jokes.

Terrible jokes.

Bad jokes.

Better jokes please.

None! Hand out more candy, haha.

Class overall is very short. Again teacher is great!

This class is too short L

Not really any. Perfect for teaching this class.

I didn’t think he had any. I understood the class perfectly.

Maybe the screens can be bigger for people in the back to see.

You’re great J

The subject was pretty dull. It’s not your fault.


Other Comments:

The class is really interesting and helpful. Even though I knew some of the stuff and things that we could do with Office 2007, most commands are new and changed from the previous version. I really enjoyed this course as well as the assignments.

Thanks you for teaching.

Keep up the great work! Learned a lot from this class!

Excellent teacher. Learned a lot of good shortcut tips.

Keep on teaching! Great teacher.

He’s awesome. Thanks!

Cares for his students and actually wants them to excel, very rare for a professor today.

Fun, Keep it up.

Professor taught class so many details and very helpful things about Microsoft Office 2007 in such a short amount of time. Feels great to know all those resources are now at my fingertips. Thanks you!!

Just try to walk around more, it helps engage students. Otherwise, perfect!

Very effective teaching. I learned a lot and highly recommend it to others who are not in business.

Don’t change your ways as a teacher.

Jokes at beginning of class – very crazmatic

Knows his stuff. Interesting class. Keep up the good work.

Great teacher.

Great teacher !!

He’s very understandable and helps students in an effective way.

Keep up the great work!

He was great! Good jokes!

Good job. Keep it up.

Great job with your teaching J

Class was very informative and taught me lots!

Teaches the material effectively.

Teaches real-life skills that are needed in business! J

I thought this class was very informative. I’m glad that I didn’t test out of it. I really feel as though this class should be mandatory for freshmen to take in their first year because it can help so much for other classes. The jokes were a fun addition to the class too!

Knowledgeable and great teacher!


The best teacher ever.

Thanks you!