Spring 2010 – Comments from Mike Splane’s Business 91L Students


What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?

Great teacher, very approachable.

Actually going over info on my own computer, hands-on is helpful.

The hands-on truly helps.

His motivational and compassionate ways as a teacher.

Learning everyone’s name and the jokes at the beginning of class.

He made the class enjoyable by making funny and stupid jokes J when I was tired and sleepy.

His jokes. His smile!

The jokes, duh!

The jokes were actually pretty good.

It was all very informative. The jokes make it fun.

Jokes and Excel “magic”

I’ve always been a little bit intimidated by Excel and this class helped a lot with that.

Learning how to use Excel because I didn’t understand it in the beginning.

Excel formulas – Boolean/Vlookup/making charts – very relevant to future projects.

I think working with the PowerPoints and the silly jokes J

The PowerPoint lesson in class was interesting & helpful.

Creating my own PowerPoint. It was more fun than I thought it would be.

The homeworks, especially Powerpoint!

I think the homework really helped me remember and understand Microsoft Office material… and I’ll remember some interesting jokes.

The homework assignments are very handy in helping the students apply the technical aspects to the HW to help them learn.


What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

Loosened up the mood at the beginning of class. Even if the jokes were lame it helped.

Teacher is very understanding and offers candy as an incentive to ask questions.

Helpful and flexible/catering.

Came prepared and willing to help you.

Spoke clearly. Answered all questions.

Prof Splane explains everything slowly and clearly. It helps me a lot to follow the instructions and practice at the same time.

I think he showed a lot of concern for his students & he was so friendly. It was easy to approach him.

He used a step-by-step process of teaching. He was approachable. He was able to respond to all the students’ questions.

He was very patient, kind, and always gives a second chance, b/c he wants his students to do it better and feel like they did a great job.

Repetition from class-work and homework was good.

Very clear with instructions and is easily approachable.

Easy to follow the instructor.

He taught at a great pace!

Steady pace of teaching.

Very detail-oriented, speaks at a pace that is easy to follow. Patient w/ questions & examples.

He explained clearly, slow, and wanted us to question. The book was good.

The book was written very well & went along with the class.

Hands-on and we were able to ask questions.

Going back over it a few times & having us ask questions.

The teacher had a very good way of making everything clear.

His passion for teaching.

Seems to really enjoy teaching – kind, easy to approach/ask for help – Repeats if needed.

Humor and visual step-by-step.

I think the explanation of how to do things step-by-step was a good method.

I think the significant quality was his patience and understanding that not everybody was going to get what he said the first time.


What should the instructor know in order to teach the class more effectively?

He was well prepared.

N/A Teaching is already effective.

He was very effective already.

Nothing else I can think of.

He’s great.

Nothing. He’s doing a great job.

Nothing. The class is great.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

He is doing fine right now (as is )

Everything is fine as it is.

Nothing, he should just keep doing what he’s been doing all of these years.


Maybe slow down a little and repeat what was said.

Probably go through steps a tad slower.

The pace can be too fast at times.

Sometimes speak a bit slower or do the on-screen stuff again.

That there is a lot of information being thrown at once… easy to forget. Also not to move so quickly through material.

Maybe make it a little more creative and engaging.

More hands-on examples in class.

Class is a little dry, boring.

Nothing, except use better jokes.

Make everyone participate in the class.

Candy is bad for you.

Hand out different candy.


What changes would improve the overall value of the course?

Nothing, it was excellent.

None. It was great.

Nothing I can think of.

Nothing. He’s doing a great job.

More time. Longer period.

More jokes.


It was great!

I don’t think any changes are necessary.

No changes. His course was very insightful.

None. I’m happy.


Maybe other function shortcut lists on website.

Just slowing down.

Slow down on lectures.

A mini-project.

More energy. Get better jokes & better candy so more people can be more LIVELY in the class J

Nothing. Maybe better big screen projector thing.

Better office hours! Very limited and makes hard to be accessible for help.


Would you recommend the course to other students?

Yes. Another student recommended this class to me.

Yes. It was very helpful.


Yes !!

YES !!!

Yes. Definitely


Yes, I would!

Yes, and the instructor.

Yes, very much so.

Yes, it helped a lot.

Yes. You learn valuable tools and it’s only five weeks.

Yes, it’s very educational & makes working w/Excel less confusing and easier.

Yes, it helped me learn a lot about Microsoft Office & the book is definitely something I’ll refer back to in my life.

This course is helpful for every student b/c you will learn a lot.

They have no choice but to take this course! But yes.

Yes I would.

Because he is very passionate about what he teaches which makes students willing to learn.

Keep it up!