Spring 2008 – Comments from Mike Splane’s Business 91L Students


What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?

Coming into the class hating Excel and actually liking it when I exited class.

Working with Excel, learning and better understanding it.

I will remember all the Excel lessons and how he taught the class through active learning.

How I was able to start working with Excel. The teacher made it very clear, concise.

I will remember what I’ve learned in Excel because I didn’t know anything about it before.

Learning about Excel! I learned a lot!

Straight forward instruction. Opened up every class with a joke.

Jokes. All materials taught.

Learning how to use Excel, I really like the program now. His jokes are funny too!

The silly jokes at the beginning of class =)

His jokes.

Professor Splane’s funny and corny jokes.


His corny jokes.

Good jokes.

The bad jokes.

First, the jokes. They are funny and “yes” everything about this class.

The jokes.

Jokes & very descriptive lecturer.

The jokes at the beginning of class and also the amount of time spent on decorating my homework assignments.

Opening jokes. … Java Juice practice was fun.

The teacher is good.

Great teacher. Fun class.

He was a fun teacher.

Mike Splane taught me a lot about Microsoft Office and his class was fun.

Learning a lot!!!

Mike is a real cool teacher! I like going around the room so everyone participates and candy!

The candy!

Candy in class. PowerPoint does more that I thought it did.

Enjoyed first day of class and getting to know other students.

I’ll remember the first day of class because it was nice to know a little about my classmates.

1st day of class; meeting everyone.

The PowerPoint presentations, they were fun to look at.

I used PowerPoint for the first time in this class and it was so interesting that I think I’ll remember most.

I’ll remember he said there’s no such thing as a stupid question as long as it relates to the topic.

He was always very helpful when students asked questions.

The class really helped me understand many things about the material, so I can’t choose one thing.

There were too many cool things! I learned and will help me in school.

I will definitely remember everything I learned. Information will be useful and helpful in my career.

Great instructor. I enjoyed his lessons for success in life outside the class.

Most of course materials will be very useful in daily work.

I will remember what I have learned from this class. You’ve made this class fun, interesting, and valuable.

I truly enjoyed this class. Appreciate his enthusiasm for the subject & feel like I can/will really use this in my real life.


What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

Easy going, relaxed, made everything manageable.

The consistency of the class time: start off with a joke, learn material, etc.

Instructions were clear & the teachings were excellent.

Walkthroughs & in class examples.

The examples in class.

Hands on learning.

In class work helps a lot to understand Excel.

Going over everything in class first.

Taught us how to do the homework before it was due.

Going over the HW before, which is the best. Making us feel better for the HW.

The individual going over the steps that would be important.

Step by step learning.

Showing us step by step the process of doing certain things on the programs.

I like how you would go back and show the steps again whenever someone asked.

He did anything to make sure we understood what we were learning.

Demonstrations on board while he did the activity with us. Also not being graded on in-class work because it’s our first time.

He was kind and always available for help.

He is nice.

He’s nice, very helpful, kind, sort of funny (ha ha).

Very friendly and welcoming.

Upbeat and helpful.

The candy!

Communication, answering questions immediately.

Environment was very conducive to asking questions.

He was very approachable. I felt I could ask any questions that I needed to.

Always available to help. If someone got lost he was always very patient.

Very interactive. Made sure all the students understood.

He went slow and made sure every student knew how to do something in the programs.

Interesting assignments, good pace.

He paced the class well.

Pacing for the class. Ability to re-do assignments helped me thoroughly understand material.

Fun and interactive.

Very helpful with assignments through email.

Helping me learn and understand the material.

Showing us how to use shortcuts using the programs.

He always helped students go beyond and understand how this can relate to a business strategy.

He knew the material well and would translate it into when we would use it in the real world.

All of them.

Excellent teacher. Teaching methods very clear.

Makes everything very clear.

His style was slow, clear, and simple.

He was clear and concise. I learned a lot in Excel and PowerPoint.

Definite expertise of the ins and outs of Excel.

Very thorough and knowledgeable about content.

He explained very well.

You are very thorough with your directions. I really like how you motivate your class to participate by telling us there are “no dumb questions.”

He was always willing to answer questions.

He was always willing to help and liked when we asked questions.

He addressed questions well.

The shortcuts on how to complete assignments on Excel, and how we have many chances to get the job done right.

Overhead projector was very effective.

Visual, everything on screen + book (very detailed & on target.)

Accessible materials online.

Made working with 07 easier because of the great instructor.

I am very happy with this class because I learned a lot… Thanks you very much, Professor


What should the instructor know in order to teach the class more effectively?

Nothing, his teaching methods are great!

Nothing, already efficient.

Nothing, he’s doing fine.

Instructor knew enough.

Knows enough, great teacher.

Already doing a great job.

Nothing, great instructor! J

He’s done a perfect job.

Don’t change!

Everything is good so far.

It was a great class.

Great job!

Teaches very effectively already.

Already teaching the class effectively, keep up the good work.

He is great as is. Maybe Office 2007

Nothing, he is the best!

Nothing, Mike Splane did a great job.


Perhaps shorten the homework, some of it took awhile.

The instructions for homework could be more detailed.  Maybe that is the point, to make us learn better. =)

Instructions seem a little more complicated than it really is.

Ask/demand for class participation.

That this class is pretty boring.

Better jokes.

Not all students are at the same level. Some are ESL Students.

He should know if he’s going too fast or not.

To go a little slower when introducing new content + walk around the room more.

Probably slow down when introducing new content.

Goes a little too fast.

A slower pace.

I would appreciate it if he speaks a little bit louder and slower.

Maybe slow down just a little bit in the beginning until students get used to following the lead.

Speak up and ask more questions for the class.

Give more candy! It encourages people!

Just that the screen is a little hard to see.  Nothing really.

The projector is hard to see from the back.

Too much to remember. It’s only a 5 week course and I learned so much that I won’t be able to remember half the stuff I learned.

You should penalize those who don’t turn their homework in on time.


What changes would improve the overall value of the course?

I liked it the way it was.

This class is good as it is.

Already perfect. Material was relevant without being over my head.


If it were longer so we could learn more tricks!

Make it a little longer, give us more time to get acquainted with the software.

Make it 8 weeks instead of 6.

Spending more time on PowerPoint.

Go more into depth with Excel, Word, & PowerPoint.

More focus on other programs as well.

Maybe a little more advanced Excel stuff.

More Excel.

I would have liked more advanced Excel but understand it had to be taught as if we were all beginners.

Some video knowledge.

I would like to learn about Quickbooks.


Would not change much.

Nothing. I really needed Excel and I use it at work now.

Nothing. Good course.

Nothing. it was a great class.

Nothing. It is a perfect course.

It was good!


Taking this course earlier in my college career.

Class was earlier than 7:30 pm.

More jokes? ha ha

Not so many assignments. No final. J

More exciting – a little blah but I guess it is a computer class.

Class participation.

Some pictures on the wall, or some color of some sort.

2007 is harder, do not, should not take course different from what using at home.

Just try to go a little slower

Maybe go through class work a little slower because when neighbor ask a question I fall behind also.

Going over homework assignments in class, after they’re due.

Allow time for working on homework in class.

Time to do homework in class.

Be more clear on the instructions for homework.

A bigger display screen so that all students can see what the instructor is doing.


Would you recommend the course to other students?

Yes! Every college student should take this course.

Yes I would.

Yes I would, and I will.

Yes, the course is very helpful.

Yes, because it is very helpful.

Yes, very helpful.

Yes! Very useful!

Yes. It’s short & provides random knowledge that could come in handy to make things go faster.

Yes, million times I will recommend the course to other students.

Yes, he has a very flexible schedule and will work with you outside class.

Yes, I would highly recommend this class to students of all majors.

Yes, I would recommend this course as well as the instructor.

Yes, it is a well taught class.

Yes. Great instructor.

Yes, it was really helpful for me to better my computer skills. It’s intimidating @ first because I didn’t know anything about computers but the class was easy enough to get the basic skills.

Yes! Definitely!

Yes! Thank you.

Yes! This is my first semester at SJSU and this course is the most useful and practical so far.

Definitely, this stuff will help later on.

Definitely!   Mike- I hate computers, but you made it fun & interesting for me.  Amazing teacher !!

Only if it’s required. I will def recommend you as a professor thou. You’re cool & nice!

Only if they don’t know how to use Excel.

Yes and I would recommend them to professor Splane.

Most Definitely.  Mike and this course are fun and very helpful/useful!

Of course.

Definitely. I learned a lot and had fun at the same time.

Absolutely, even if you are not in a business major, just for knowledge.

Absolutely.  I would recommend this class to anyone who has a job that doesn’t have a degree.

Absolutely.  I know some students, including myself, that have tough schedules, and being able to have a part of that schedule that is extremely straightforward and simple too, knowing there is at least one point in my schedule where I do well is good to know.



Oh yes. Have been talking about it to my family. J