Spring 2007 – Comments from Mike Splane’s Business 91L students


What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?


How useful everything taught in the class is.

All of it! I never realized there was so much to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Being in class + looking at the different stuff we could do w/the program and be like “Wow…cool!”

All the tools for Excel & Word. They were very useful.

Learning Excel was great. There are a lot of useful applications that I will be able to use now.

The Excel tools the professor taught me will be very beneficial in the business world.

All the hot keys and shortcuts.

All the functions and methods help me to do better for other classes’ assignments.

Working with Word. Got information about how to set paper and format the right way. Really helpful when doing homework or just own work.

It was a good refresher class.


The way he made the class interesting and fun.

Playing tic-tac-toe in class.

Bad jokes.

Jokes and extreme kindness.

The little jokes.

The bad jokes.

Classmates and your humor.

His jokes and his teachings... Good job!!

Prof tries to encourage participation in class rather than lecture only.

Applies humor to make subject more enjoyable.

I like the way he told silly jokes! J.

I will remember the sense of humor from professor Splane.

The jokes.

Hopefully Excel… and the awesome jokes!

His jokes that were only funny to me. HA! “What did the mayo say to the refrigerator? Close the door, I’m dressing!” Classic…


The interesting and useful projects that we had to do.

Equations for Microsoft Excel.

When we had to do the IF function and the VLookup, something new for me.

Learning how to make charts.

The Excel charts because they were fun to create.

Repair the invoice in Excel.

Friday night assignment. Learning Excel.

Making the Powerpoint Presentation was fun.

The Word Art was fun to make as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

Word drawings and animations.



What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?


The fact that Mr Splane understood that we (students) had other classes! As long as we got the work done he was satisfied.

The work he assigned related well to the content he taught, very organized.

Good pace, clear directions, good demos.

Very clear and concise, worked at a do-able pace and was always approachable for questions.

Charisma, knowledge, thorough understanding. Patient, quick response to email.

He made jokes and had class activities.


Everything. Funny guy!

Fun teaching, very understanding.

Always willing to answer everyone’s questions!

Would answer ALL questions.

Very responsive to students’ questions. Lenient with homework deadlines.

He was very lenient and understanding to the students.

Letting students redo the homework in order to earn full credit.

Very interested in the student’s success. Showed immense knowledge about course material.

He was always willing to help & made time to do so. He was also very sympathetic to the conditions of being a student.

The laid back approach. Mr Splane made sure everyone got the information before moving on.

Easy going, relaxed.

Very laid back class, I actually enjoyed coming to class. It was also nice how much our teacher was willing to go over things we didn’t understand.

Clear explanations, funny/fun personality.

Clear and willing to go through it again if don’t understand.

He would go back if we missed something or didn’t understand. Extremely good teacher.

Would clearly explain all steps as well as possible.

He provided us with a list that showed how to do everything step by step.

We did hands on work.

Hands on and not just watching. Guided examples.

Examples that related to us.

In class demos.

Very patient, well organized, very helpful.

Nice, patient, and caring.

Patient and creative.

He always went back to re-explain the simplest tasks if someone forgot or wasn’t sure how to do something. That helped a lot.

Showing us on the screen.

He taught at an excellent pace and went over material several times.

Very clear, moved at a great pace. Open to all questions and willing to help.

Very helpful.

Easy instructions, yet he explained them better in his lessons. When doing HW I did not have trouble or get confused.

Provided students extra examples/help to further their knowledge of the material.

The overview in class. The practices we did in class.

Instructions on the website made the homework a lot easier.

We learned…quickly because of the instructor’s good teaching techniques.


What should the instructor know in order to teach the class more effectively?


Nothing! He is really Great!

Nothing, he did a good job.

Keep doing the same thing.

Nothing. I think he did a great job at teaching the course.

Don’t change a thing. Great teacher.

Nothing. This class was perfect.

Nothing. He did awesome.

He is doing a great job. He is very patient and informative.

Great teacher.

He was a cool teacher

Teacher taught well, great pace.

Nothing. Splane did a great job.

You were excellent!

Loved the class.



Should make clear which version of MS Office is used in class.

Latest version of Windows/Word, Excel, etc.

Know the latest version of Excel and PowerPoint and Word

Should write HW assignments that can be applied to other versions.


Talk louder.

Use vocal tone variation.

The class should slow down a little bit.

Repeat several times.

Slow down. He moves really fast and it is hard to keep up.

Slow down for people who don’t know anything.

Slow down on important topic.

Maybe go a little slower on Excel.

Don’t go so fast.

Slow down!


The instructor was fast paced, and these computers take a long time to warm up, so it is difficult catching up during lecture.

Realize computers are slow @ the beginning of class. Can take up to 10 min to start.

Use bigger font in class so the people in the back can see better.

Inform students of times the computer lab is available.

Give more specific directions in HW; and try to have more exciting in-class activities.


What changes would improve the overall value of the course?


More Excel information.

How to copy videos off youtube or google.

Technology is increasing from Office 2003 to 2007. Yike! I would stick to 03, very easy.

Longer period of time.

If it was a longer class and goes more into detail.

Have it be a few weeks longer.

Could be a longer course.

If the class was longer. So much info packed into one month.

If the class was longer b/c there was too much material covered. Wish I had time to process it and practice it more.

The speed of the computers.

Have faster computers.

Better projector.

A little more exciting.

Add extra assignment to do in class for those who already know the material.

I had a hard time learning the IF Function. Maybe teach it a little slower.

Maybe offer some Vista tips.

More PowerPoint.

More info on PowerPoint and Word.

Skip the essay portion.

Maybe a complete handout of secret/shortcuts for the programs.

More online explanations on how to do functions discussed in class, example the data validation list.

More assignments.

Less homework

Giving the course a letter grade.


It is a perfect class.


Would you recommend this course to other students?





Yes, good skills to learn.

Yes! This class is very useful!!!

Hell yes!


Did you like the textbook?


Yes, very detailed and organized.

Yes. Inexpensive and informative. Will keep for the future.

Yes. Very straight forward and easy to understand.

Yes. Easy to understand.

Yes. It was clearly written and easy to understand.

Yes, very much.

Yes helpful.

Yes, it was very helpful.

Yes definitely, very easy to follow.

The text was very clear and easy to follow and really helpful.

Yes, the textbook is very helpful.

Yes. Very helpful + easy to understand. “Down-to-earth” approach.

Yes, it was very helpful.

Yes, very very helpful.

Yes, it was good and helpful.

I did because it had good information.

Yes, it was effective

Yes, it was informative.

Yes, concise and still informative.

Great biz tool.

Yes, very well done.

Very easy to comprehend. Small, but nicely put together.

Yes. Is easy, short, and to the point, and helpful if didn’t understand a lesson or in case didn’t show up to class.

Yes I did. It helps a lot and I think I’ll keep it as a guide for the future.

Yes, Concise, very much like a tutorial.

Yes – Very easy to understand and cheap!

Yes, the price was perfect & the information was easy to follow step by step.

The textbook wasn’t necessarily useful for the class, but it will be a great tool for remembering things we might forget.

Yes, helped me out with homework.


No. Not needed.

Did not buy it, but if I did I would.

Not too much, didn’t prove to be as useful as the teacher.

It was ok.

Yes / but not really used much. He provided everything online.

Yes, but not needed since all the materials are posted online.

It wasn’t needed as much. What we needed to learn came from going to class.

Did not buy the textbook. The online instructions were very helpful.

It was decent but need more “how to” features.

Not very clear on instructions, should have used pictures.