Student Evaluations of instructor Mike Splane

Business 91-L, Spring 2006

Departmental Feedback Form

1. What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?


About half of the students mentioned the Excel or PowerPoint applications. Here are some more specific comments.

I will remember how to do Excel charts, formatting data, how to make effective PowerPoint slides, how to format a Word document, and how to use Excel spreadsheets!

I will remember the PowerPoint project because it was really fun to learn everything about it.

I enjoyed the PowerPoint section the most.

I liked doing the PowerPoints in something I was interested in.

Working on a PowerPoint assignment about something I like.

My most memorable experience in this class is the fact that I learned and completed a PowerPoint for which I received full credit.

The PowerPoint homework was most entertaining. Excel class session was very helpful.

All of the great things I learned how to do on Excel and MS Word.

Probably the helpful tips that I can apply to my other classes Ex. PowerPoint, Excel charts.

Being able to format my first cell.

I will remember doing a PowerPoint project at the end of the year. I got really creative with it. Fun assignment!


I will remember the in-class activities because they really helped me learn more about Office programs than reading text instructions.

I will remember the in-class assignments because they helped a lot.

Working on the computer and following along.

Hands-on experience that helped me remember.

I will remember all the projects because they will help me later in my career.


The homework was very time consuming but easy to understand.

Homework assignments were good learning tools.

I really enjoyed all the homework assignments. They helped me not only refresh my memory but I learned new things as well.

Getting full credit on Homework that I worked so hard to finish.


The first day we introduced ourselves.

The introduction of the class. It was so interesting.

Tic-tac-toe on the first day of class.

The professor’s jokes.

Almost everything.

Everything, from him giving out candy when someone answered to going over the material.

Gave out sweets for each question asked. Important class for us to understand Microsoft Office better.

Professor Splane is a very good and nice instructor.

2. What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

I can now apply what I learned in my future career w/shortcuts saving me lots of time.

Apply class assignments on homework to real life situations.

His great emails! Whenever I had a question I would email him & he would get back to me ASAP w/ lots of detail and help. (Four people mentioned emails)

The handouts and updates on the web. It’s simple and easy to follow. Post homework and updated grades online.

Summary how to use Excel, PP and Word on website.


Handouts were precise in instructions about the work.

Useful notes.

The worksheets help out a lot and he is very patient.

Hands on teaching method.

The students did the necessary activities on the computer and hands-on learning is the easiest way to learn, I think.

In-class activities done with the class.

In class assignments

Gave a lot of class time to explain HW activities.

He was very good at thoroughly explaining how to do the assignments.

He took the time to explain each assignment prior to our getting to do it for homework. That helped a great deal.

He did an example every class, and the examples helped us with our homework.

He did in-class assignments and related it really well to the homework assignments.

He helped us out a lot and answered all the questions that we had. Used in-class assignments that were relevant to the homework

He would answer any questions we had and help people individually if they needed it.

Teaches slowly for those to learn.

The clear way of teaching us slowly. If we needed anything he would go back.

If we were confused we could just raise out hands. He was in intimidating (? I think the student meant un intimidating - Mike)

He explained everything very well and did some examples a few times to make sure that everyone knew what they were doing and that they would not be left behind.

Made sure he answered questions in class & by email to ensure all the students understood the material.

The in-depth teaching methods he used w/each different program.

Keeping us involved.


Step by step instructions were given so it was hard to get lost.  (There were five more similar comments)

 He encourages students to ask questions.

Very good at explaining tasks, didn’t assume we knew it all.


His patience and strong communication skill really helped.

Clarity. Lectures were very clear and concise (There were four similar comments)

Made everything easy to learn. Made sure everyone got the information.

His emphasis in everyone understanding what is being taught.

Always answered our questions. Going back and doing things twice.

Encouragement of questions.

Always answered my stupid questions and encouraged students to ask any questions.

Encouraged students to ask questions and responded to students without making them look bad.


Step by step on projector.

The use of the big screen.

The use of the overhead projector, so we could see what he was doing.


Patience, knowledge

He was always very helpful & understanding. Good teacher – seemed like he knew a lot about what he was trying to teach.

Professor Splane did a great job. You can tell he really cares for his students & wants us to excel in computer learning. He was very helpful and concerned about his students.

He bring jokes to make us interested in learning.

Professor Splane was always understanding and did his best to help the students be successful.

He was very excited about the topic & made you feel confident that you could do these applications.


3. What should the instructor know in order to teach the course more effectively?

He knows everything.

He knew the material.

The instructor knows his subject very well.

I think he knows all he needs to know.

Knows a lot. Good job!

Already a great course. He knows everything there is to know about Excel.

Good Job!!

Keep it up! Class went by quickly & I learned a lot.

It was good.

Honestly, I don’t know.

Can’t think of any.

The teacher is good enough!

He did a great job

Keep on doing what you do.

N/A, Nothing, (ten times)

Nothing, his class method of teaching is very effective and informative!

Nothing, does good job now.

Nothing much, Splane is good at what he does.

I think he did a great job teaching the course. He is very understanding of the fact that different students have different levels of understanding Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and he adapts lectures to suit all of the students.

Taught course effectively.

Everything was alright.


People are surfing the internet during class. Watch out for that.

Require everyone to sit more towards the front.

What students want. (That’s why I give surveys and have people introduce themselves.)

Don’t spend the first class period getting to know each other. (This creates an atmosphere in which people are comfortable asking questions.)

The homework instructions aren’t very clear sometimes. (We added new assignments this semester. It showed. The instructions will be upgraded.)


Improve Presentation Skills:

More horror stories.

Go more in depth.

A little interesting? Sometimes the class can be a little dull. If you can make it more lively that would be good.

Have more activities. It went by slow

Speak with higher voice with more enthusiasm.

Speak louder.  Talk louder.

Excel is difficult. He needs to teach slower at times. (Seven similar comments)

4. What changes would improve the overall value of the course?

None, Nothing, N/A, or No change needed (twenty times)

I learned a lot from this class. I don’t think there should be any changes.

Nothing. I think this class is great! It was very informative & useful to me.

Nothing. I liked the course and professor a lot.

Nothing. Very informative instructor.

Nothing. Great course.

Nothing! This was a great class.

No need to change. He’s good.

No need.

I can’t think of any. The course was already very fun and educational.

Course was well taught.


Class should last longer than 5 weeks, (paraphrasing) (Six similar comments)

Make the class period not as long (2 similar comments from the 3-hour session)


Improve the presentation

Made things more clear and easier to understand.

Explain more concepts in depth instead of assuming everyone knows the material already.

Try to make it more interesting.

Liven it up a bit.

Lectures could be more fun, but still informative.

Making it less dull.

Louder voice


Cover different material

Make an advanced class.

Less Word focus, more Excel.

Maybe a little less stress on Excel. What we learned was very beneficial but I felt like we could’ve worked a little more on Word and PowerPoint.

Teach other Microsoft Office programs


The screen was really hard to see, but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing.

Too many websites. Should have 1 with all links.

Make it a permanent option to turn in your homework online through email. (Tried that. Takes far too long to type responses to the 2500 assignments I grade.)

Not as many homework assignments.

More challenge exam options (paraphrasing)



5. Would you recommend this course to other students?

Absolutely (twice)

Definitely (twice)


Definitely would recommend, I learned a lot.

Definitely! Splane is the coolest!

Yes, Definitely.

Yes. Most Definitely. I think it is one of the most useful classes I have taken so far in college. It is a real life class & I will take these skills with me.

Yes, the course was very useful and I learned a lot of useful things about Word and Excel. I would definitely recommend this class.

Yes. (thirty one times)

Yes! (four times)


Yes, of course

Yes, of course!

Of course! J

Yes! It was fun.

Yes! It’ fun and you learn a lot about Excel.

Yes, it is fun and easy.

Yes. Overall it was helpful.

Yes. I already did it.

Yes sir.

Yes, the best teacher I had so far.

I think this course should be a requirement for all students entering SJSU.


Yes, to those who want to learn Excel.

Yes, for beginners in Excel.

If they needed to learn Excel, Yes

If they can’t use Excel or Word, etc. Yes.

Yes, if you want to learn the Microsoft products.