Student Evaluations of instructor Mike Splane

Business 91-L, Spring 2005

Departmental Feedback Form

1. What are the 2 or 3 events, situations, experiences, etc. that you will remember most about this class? Why?


The first day. It was very welcoming and informative of what we were to learn.

His gracing presence the first day.

The first day of class.

The very first day of class when we all said a little something about ourselves and it brought a sense of unity to the class. I thought it was great.

Introductions – always nice meeting new people.

Introduction and getting to know class. He explained the field of computers.

I remember the first day of class when everyone had to introduce themselves.

Introductions. Excel.

Excel. My classmates.

Meeting people in class is always nice.

Learning you were a poker player – nice knowing someone else who at least at one time played for a living.

The story about how you dreamt of teaching Excel.

When you made each of us share things about ourselves; it was unusual and refreshing to see a professor take extra interest in the students.

Tic Tac Toe cause it was funny. Looking at your webpage. I found the chess info amusing.

The Tic Tac Toe because I’ve never played in class.

Probably my interaction with the instructor when I needed help on the assignment - he was more than willing to help. The calmness and relaxed feeling to the class.

I was in the computer lab. Work in groups.

Going online because I got distracted sometimes.

I learned how to formulate a text box. I just learned how to do a slide show presentation.

Excel formulas, they’re so handy! Graphs and charts look real nice too!

Using Excel and linking them to a graph.

Put $ sign if I don’t want to change the cell #. Creating charts. Draw picture in Word – I didn’t know how to do that.

All the important things in Excel & Word I learned: Make graphs, Word Art. etc.

Going through Excel formulas because it is something new to me.

Experiencing formula frustration in Excel.

Learning about Excel, how to write formulas and make charts. Learning PowerPoint.

The Excel and PowerPoint lectures. I knew how to use those the least coming in.

Leaving early from class.  Learning PowerPoint’s animation.

I will remember the day we did PowerPoint, as it is one of my favorite programs.

I liked learning about PowerPoint. I didn’t realize you could do so much with it. I had a good time.

I found the PowerPoint section interesting because I learned not only the basics but also learned some of the special effects. The Excel was very educational.

I will remember how to make a PowerPoint. How to incorporate graphs and charts in my work. Also, I know how to put these charts & graphs in my PowerPoint.

Creating PowerPoint homework was fun.

PowerPoint and Word – very helpful.

I will remember the first time we started using Excel because the program seems to have an infinite number of uses.

Excel, very useful info!! J

The lecture on Excel; I learned a lot that day. It saves me time to do inventory in my dad’s business.

The Excel because it was the most challenging program out of all of them.

Realizing how easy it is to use Excel, knowing various shortcuts.

I will remember how to use Excel & PowerPoint. I enjoyed learning how to use it because I know it will be useful for me in the future.

Learning how to use Excel, PowerPoint and shortcuts for Word because it will help me in the future.

That the instruction was very practical.

All the little tricks that I learned with the different programs because they will be useful to me while doing reports.

Learning more about Excel because it will help me throughout my career.

When we learned about Excel, graphics, PowerPoint. It will be helpful in the future for projects.

PowerPoint, Excel equations, charts – most helpful but I already knew how to do almost everything.

The PowerPoint lecture and Excel graphic exercise.

The humor in the class, and all the tips I learned.

I thought I knew everything about Word there was to know, but he taught me a couple of things that I did not know.

Short cut keys for Word/Excel.

The keyboard shortcuts to change font size and spacing. I knew Word pretty well but not all of the shortcuts.

Learning how to use Excel and learning more keyboard shortcuts which can make things a lot faster.

Learning how to use shortcuts in Excel.

Learning shortcuts is always fun because it makes things move a lot faster.

I will remember a lot of the shortcut keys. Adding and doing math in Excel. Getting rid of the drawing square (hate that thing)

Use Word Art to make a better presentation of graphs, pictures, text, etc.

Doing charts/graphs because it has nice visual appeal.

Learning graphs on Excel and easy ways to copy formulas.

About how to use some specific function such as Excel and tool bar.

The PowerPoint and the final exam are the events that I will remember the most because I learned a lot from those experiences.

I will remember the Excel worksheets, the exam, and the first homework.

The final exam was a great learning experience. I like the fact that you didn’t make us buy the textbooks – THANKS!

The final was fun because I felt I knew what I was doing, and if I didn’t know I would keep trying.

The Word exercise and Excel exercise.

In class exercises to practice the assignments.

In class assignments and presentations help to build understanding.

All the helpful tips.

All of it. J

How to save files on a floppy disk, because during the test I did not know how… which makes me feel pretty ignorant.

How to use Excel just like pros. As a matter of fact I felt like I’ve known how to use the Excel ever since I took the class.

Learning how to use Excel and PowerPoint. I had never used these programs before, and now I feel comfortable using them.

How to use Excel. J

Being able to have everything I need to work ahead so I can ask questions. Also, never having to care if I am asking a stupid question (cuz there is none J )

Being unafraid to ask questions. Comfortable atmosphere/learning environment.

Professor showing us each step on the overhead because it was really helpful! Going around answering questions.

Overhead did not work.

When designing a PowerPoint and using Excel charts. It was fun and I enjoyed learning to do so.

Learn so much on Excel and PowerPoint. It was a fun class & many helpful hints on Word.

I learned countless tools from this class. Not only have the tools been helpful for me personally, I am able to use the material at work. This class is well worth taking. The web site will be a future tool as well.

Every class I learned something new about Word or Excel because I never knew there was so much to learn.

I will know how to make my reports look more exciting. This is the most helpful teacher I have ever had.

2. What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?


Mr. Splane was very hands-on and willing to help out even when the most mundane questions came up.

His willingness to answer questions.

Always willing to go back and answer questions.

The way he answered every question and showed us step by step how everything is done.

He was very patient and didn’t mind doing things more than once.

Was helpful and answered all the questions the class asked.

He is willing to help students. Nice. Slow so that everyone on the same page (repeat) Good!

Willing to help. Explained things in great detail.

Willingness to help students.

Very helpful and answers every question.

Willingness to help the students. Methods of teaching is just right.

Willing to teach.

Taking the time to thoroughly explain the material.

Kindness and respect.

Nice, helpful, patient.

He is the nicest professor I have had. His easygoingness really helps when learning with computers.

Very friendly, warm personality. Very clear and precise lectures. Upbeat and always willing to help out.

He urged us to ask questions. He was very easy to approach – he didn’t look at all intimidating. Teaching methods were easy to follow. Always available to students.

He was willing to take the time and help students that did not understand, and was understanding of their schedules and worked around it.

Very flexible! J

The instructor was very encouraging, so that students with little or no experience were not intimidated. The instruction was very useful, practical, and to the point.

Very open and helpful. He works with you if you need something or have a problem.

Very cool guy. Kept class interesting.

He added humor to his topics and also used explanations/demonstrations in class that related to the students.

He made sure everyone was caught up and knew what they were doing. Extremely nice and a great sense of humor.

For Excel the Ctrl + ~ method and the absolute cell reference.

Good knowledge of Excel.

I learned many things I didn’t know.

Showing every detail in the programs.

Showed how to teach the class about both Word & Excel.

The use of $ and some of the shortcuts were very useful.

Keyboard shortcuts.

It would have to be all the shortcuts.

Formatting cells and 3-D effects.

Kept it simple and focused on most important things.

Very helpful. Patient. Knowledgeable. Relevant choice of material.

I liked that he tried to make things simple. Only taught us what we needed.

The fact that this class was centered around useful things that apply to real life.

Most of them were useful to me.

What I learned about the software is very useful in my everyday practice.

I will use All that I learned in classes that need presentations and papers due.

Show it step by step so make it easy to understand. Patient w/ the students.

His slow pace.

Slow and conforming to class needs.

His lectures were easy to understand and he was very helpful. He made sure you understood everything.

He made sure everything was understood and was helpful in answering questions.

I was able to move at my own speed (which helps a lot in understanding the material). Also allowing me to fix mistakes in homework.

Trial and error.

Good repetitive directions. Giving all the students good directions on all the programs.

He makes sure that everyone understands.

Knew what he was talking about. Made sure that everyone could do what he was going over.

Wanted to make sure everyone understood what he was talking about. Very nice.

I learned how to use the programs better and faster. I got a better understanding of it all.

Give instruction to most of the method.

Going over actual examples that could pertain to real life experiences.

Just being over-prepared for class was great.

He checks his email often, so he is always there to help if you have trouble with the assignments.

The homework and in class assignments help a lot.

In class demonstration and practice problem. Notes are very helpful.

Lots of handouts.

Loved the handouts.

He went over everything thoroughly and always asked if anyone needed any help. The notes were also helpful.

Detailed description of notes with hints and tips and organized structure of the Bus 91-L web page.

I love the website. All the information is on there so the class can easily follow the lectures. Keeping the class hands-on has also been helpful.

The hands on, since we used the program the whole time.

The hands on learning with actually using a computer for examples.

The in-class applications use.

He gave lots of practice work, hands-on – really helped me.

He created helpful hints and guides to help us with our assignments.

How you showed us how to do it on the overhead.

The overhead projector so we could see.

The way he set up the screen for everyone to see what he was doing.

Visual learning. Showing the class how to use the programs step by step.

Presentations were effective.

He is a fun teacher.

3. What should the instructor know, either about his teaching style or about your or other student’s experiences, in order to teach the course more effectively?


He should keep teaching the way he does. He was approachable, friendly, and you could tell, passionate about the class. Keep up the awesome teaching method.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

His eagerness to teach.

Our class was 3 hours long. It would be hard to keep anyone’s attention that long.

The class is too long, even though it meets just once a week.

Tell students it’s important to warm up, stretch, take frequent breaks to prevent carpal tunnel or repetitive strain injuries. Good idea - Mike

I wish the class was more than a month.

I thought the class was good the way it was, and for the amount of time given.

This class already was really effective.

It is easy to fall asleep in class, maybe have more interesting examples.

Give us more projects in class, for example create a funny picture. The picture is a good idea .Since class time is limited I added a graphics homework for more practice. - Mike

I think he did an excellent job. I enjoy this stuff so I loved the class.

Overall very effective learning environment. No change needed.

He does a good job already. I can’t think of any suggestions.

To just slow down when teaching.

Explain things slowly.

Slow down a little bit.

You teach on a fast pace, so sometimes easy to get lost.

Moves a little fast. Lots of info in 5 weeks.

Use overhead not board. Slow down.

To make sure that students are following the classes lectures. I stress that students need to tell me if they get lost. I often ask if there are any questions. Not sure what else I can do -.Mike

This class is fairly easy. It would be an excellent beginner class, but a little tedious for those that know the programs (But I guess that is what the test is for.)

Become more lively, more interactive, so students don’t get bored and start surfing the internet. Make the class more fun to get people’s attention. The lectures and step by step methods can be boring if you are already good at this stuff, but many students seem to like that approach. I try to choose topics and activities that will be of interest to students. As long as some students are bored and others say I’m moving too fast, I may actually be moving at the optimum pace. - Mike

I thought it was great how it was.

I think he did a great job!

He is very effective, no changes necessary.

I think the instructor does a great job teaching and walking students through the assignments in class.

Great website. Very helpful cause it’s always being updated.

Teaching style and knowledge is good.

He did a good job.

He did a fine job.

Good enough.

Nothing. Did everything perfectly fine.

Good teaching style. It’s taught in a way that I could understand everything. Enough time to do homework.

I like the way professor Splane teaches, he’s helpful & he always ready to help the students.

He is great; really tries to influence students by using topics they can relate to.

Not much. He is an excellent and efficient instructor. The goal of teaching is not so much to lecture as to learn. I felt Mr. Splane satisfied this criteria.

The instructor is great. He teaches to all levels and is patient with beginners. Could be a little louder in class at times but he’s always willing to repeat himself.

Speak a little louder. It’s a large room.

He should speak louder.

Just speak a little louder for the back of the room.

Nothing, keep up the good work! I wish all classes and teachers were like this. I would recommend this instructor to anybody.

It is fine how the instructor is teaching right now.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Keep doing the same thing.

He’s doing a great job at every aspect.

Nothing really. Great instructor.

You are more informative than other teachers! J

Not much. Easy to learn from.

It is good. I have no bad comments.

Get different students background experience. I do this with an opening day survey and introductions. - Mike

That it takes a lot of practice to use the programs if you are computer illiterate or if you are a beginner. Good point. I added another home work assignment.- Mike

Some material needs to be covered twice. i.e. graphs.

He does a great job and very helpful.

The course was taught in the most effective way possible.

I don’t have any suggestions. The class is perfect how it is.

More assignments. I added another home work assignment.- Mike

The visual examples help a lot.

Overhead method. Going around to answer questions.

Make it easier to see overhead in back of the class.

Hard to see all the way in the back.

More visual, it’s hard when the visual display isn’t working.

That sometimes it is hard to see and hear in the back.

Great job!


4. What 2 or 3 changes are most critical to improve the overall value of the course?


Course is very valuable! I didn’t realize how many students didn’t know how to use Word/Excel/PowerPoint. Keep up the good work! J

Keep doing what you are doing!

Don’t change a thing.

Just stay the way you are.

I would not change anything.

Not sure. You can’t really change the value of a 1 unit CR/NC class.

The course should be divided amongst advanced students and novices.

Shorter class period, teach twice a week.

The course may need to be longer.

Make it longer and worth more units.

Make the course longer to allow for more time to get into more complex functions, but that doesn’t seem to be the course focus.

This covers a good amount of necessary tools for these programs.

Maybe less required HW and more required class work to keep people coming.

Since it’s easy to forget, I want you to review the stuff for 5 minutes before new lectures.  I ask if people have questions before starting a new lectures, and rarely get a response. I’ll think about this suggestion. - Mike

Have in class assignments that help with the homework! I rewrote some homework instructions to provide more help in learning skills - Mike

Make notes more clear. I identified the ten problems students were having most often and rewrote my notes for those - Mike

More time on homework. That’s it!! J

Homework was a little repetitive on certain assignments, like making the charts on Excel, but overall I thought it was great!

As tough as this is to say – I think a little more homework would have been helpful. The final three assignments in particular were significantly beneficial to me learning. Perhaps one or two more assignments would add to the value of the course. I added another home work assignment.- Mike

I need to practice more to keep my skills sharp. Take more notes.

Make assignments due at different times. Done - Mike

I think the handouts are great. We work off your internet page. Everything is great. No need for improvement.

Speaking louder & that’s it.

More depth to PowerPoint and what can make it even more professional. I added a handout with tips on making effective PowerPoint Presentations - Mike

More time on PowerPoint, since it was covered very little.

More PowerPoint work. More Excel practice.

More assignments. More use of Excel. I added another home work assignment.- Mike

More focus on Excel – seems the most complicated.

Maybe more of a focus on how to use Excel.

Technology advances (make sure all computers work)

Make sure the computer system is working.

Make sure all computers are working at all times.

Have working computers and more explaining of work. I added log-on instructions to the syllabus - Mike

Only thing is it’s sometimes hard to see the board, due to very low chairs.

[Fix] the overhead, and the time period.

Go into the class more. More advanced things.

Add programs like Adobe Photoshop to the course.

Slow down on teaching.

Go slower.

I liked the class.

I liked the class how it was. Very informative. I learned a lot of new things.

I can think of nothing to improve its value. Everything’s perfect.

I really think it was the best it could have been.

I don’t see any and I could say this with complete confidence and without any coaching of anyone.

Not much. Mike Splane is a great teacher. In only 4 or 5 sessions I learned so much info that I really needed. THANK YOU!

The course is just fine and VERY useful and helpful. I think everyone should take this course who has to deal with a computer at any point of their lives, especially in the work force.

None. Excellent course, albeit quite short.

None that I can think of.

None. I enjoyed it.

None. Keep it up J

Good as is. None.

None. Great course.


Nothing! Very effective and useful. Splane is great for this course. I would recommend him to other students.

Nothing. It was a great experience.

Nothing much. It was good.

Nothing at all.

Nothing really.


I can’t think of any. Keep up the good work Prof. Splane!


Thanks for all the great idea and comments! – Mike                         Back to 91L Page