Student Evaluations of instructor Mike Splane

Business 91-L, Spring 2004.

Departmental Feedback Form


1. What are the 2 or 3 events, situations, experiences, etc. that you will remember most about this class? Why?


Doing PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. They are great fun and interesting.

I experienced Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It opened up a whole new world.

The homework and exams are well organized and clear for I don’t have hard time to do it.

The beginning of class the instructor was very friendly and very open about what needs to be done.

I will remember how organized and effective his teachings were. Also, I will remember his willingness to help his students.

I will remember the exams the most, as they allowed me to apply my skills (what I had learned.)

Effectiveness of his teaching in the subject.

The first day introducing ourselves.

A very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and caring instructor. Enjoy studying at class and also assignment at home. All assignments so realistic and practical.

Quality of material being taught. Not only usefulness but basic operation of these important business tools.

He showed my PowerPoint presentation to the class. It showed that I did a great job.

I wll never forget the good times shared in the Boccardo Business Center with Professor Splane. He brought the PowerPoint, Word, and Excel into my life.

He allowed us to do our own work in the labs. Yes some played games and even I did email and AIM. I learned the material because I DID THE WORK.

Creating my own spreadsheet for the first time. Using more applications and features.

The contents of the class because it is useful in the business world. Mike is a very fun and interesting teacher.

The teacher is a chess player.

His friendly teaching style.

This class was so easy and only 5 weeks. Ends right before spring break too!

I’ll remember how to do PowerPoint because it may help me with future presentations.

How to use PowerPoint, which will be necessary for my major – marketing. Hopefully I will remember some of Excel.

I knew the basics before. But now I am aware of all the functions of the programs and learn all the shortcuts.

Learning how to use PowerPoint & Excel because this is my first time actually knowing how to do these things.

I will remember the days that I learned how to make a PowerPoint presentation better and how to actually use Excel effectively.

Knowing how to use Excel and PowerPoint is really going to help me a lot in the future.

Learning Excel over multiple days and breaking it up to make the [application] easier to understand and apply.

Learning how to use Excel because I had trouble using the formulas. (Yes, some do. I added some homework for added practice. – Mike)

Why I had to take this class because it is boring but a waste of time. (I’m sorry. We offer challenge exams for student who know the material. – Mike)

How to work more functions on Word. I never knew we could do a lot of stuff on Word.

Tips about Word.

Learning how to use Excel. I learned a lot about how to use Excel. I also learned more about formatting in Word.

I learned how to more effectively use Excel and all other tools that I thought I had mastered.

The Excel HW because it was time consuming, yet somewhat helpful.

The first exam was long and stressing but it’s okay when you see the grades.

The midterm, because Prof Splane was helpful.

Meeting my lovely lady friend Rosie.

I will remember the exams, because they helped me reinforce what I had learned.

The assignments done in class because it’s really helpful for people to learn in the long run.

His assignments - really helped.

Good slides.

Demos- Effective

On the first day we had to introduce ourselves. It will be something I remember because it helps me w/ my nervousness in that kind of situation.

I learned some things I didn’t know about PPT and Excel. I will remember this because I thought I had already mastered these programs.

PowerPoint and Excel because I learned a lot.

Professor was dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Had fun with learning about computer’s stuffs.

Being able to use the computer lab.

All the lectures because he was very informative.

I’ll always remember everything I learned in this class, and I will apply them to my other courses and in the future.

How to do Word, Excel & PowerPoint. It helps me in my other classes.

I like the activities in this class. The instructor made the students learn Excel, Word, and PowerPoint very easily. I also like learning how all the programs work.

Before taking the class I didn’t know anything about Excel, now after being in the class I know more about it.

I learned shortcuts of different programs that will benefit me during job preparation.

Learning PowerPoint because I never know how to use it and learning all the cool shortcuts for Word.

Creating formulas in Excel, linking worksheets in Excel, creating charts in Excel.

Learning about drawing tools, interesting. Excel - got to learn new material.

When we did a PowerPoint presentation. I love to do these presentations here in class because it is useful to my workplace and I feel more comfortable to do this now from the knowledge that Mike showed us.

PowerPoint – making an organized presentation. Excel – how to’s, professional skills, formulas. Internet Explorer Tips.

It has become easier, faster for me to use certain software.

I have learned PowerPoint and Excel before, but I have forgotten most of them. This class let me refresh on them once more.

Doing homework for BUS 190 and I got to use some things I learned in this class to make doing the BUS 190 work faster.

This class taught me many short-cuts to use MS Word to make my HW papers better looking.

I will remember how to do Word, PowerPoint and Excel better than I did before.

Enough material to cover in class or out. Instructor’s patience in helping us to clarify questions.

Taking the PowerPoint test was entertaining. Learning more about Excel made me feel smarter.

I gained a lot of experiences through this class. Every lesson is memorable.

2. What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

Very detailed and sufficient handouts/manuals.instructions were supplied. Teacher’s willing and enthusiastically assists students.

The instructor posted helpful information to his students on the internet. He welcomed anyome to email or visit him in his office. He is very clear and patient.

He was very patient. He taught step by step…. He made it easier for me to learn.

Sense of humor, patience.

Mr Splane well prepared his material before come to class. He always on time and ask students if we left behind or not.

He will go back and explain it again step by step with a smile.

One on one teaching.

He was clear and thorough with the demonstrations and lectures.


Active learning.

Easy to follow along.

The most significant qualities are his genuine want to help and very understanding.

Mr Splane made sure the class was caught up and he was nice on answering questions.

Made us ask questions.

Answering every question, big or small.

Whenever a problem arose I asked and was given help.

The instructor was always there to help with whatever we were confused on. Any question he would answer.

He was clear and helpful and didn’t hesitate to help students.

He shows us relevant information that we need to know about the program.

He taught me many useful techniques about MS Word & MS Excel that I could use in the future.

Handouts. Lectures.

He made copies we can study off of at home and let us ask him to redo things multiple times so we could catch up.

Friendly, willing to help & address each student questions.

Step by step method is the one that I like the most, which I can find in this class.

Step by step, shows the instruction on the board.

He taught every skill step by step and answered all my questions.

Explained everything thoroughly and well paced.

Thorough in going over the material, a decent pace for following along.

Loves questions. Encourages learning. Goes the extra mile. HIS WEBSITE IS INCREDIBLE. GREAT RETURN SPEED ON HOMEWORK/QUIZZES/TESTS.

I like how he went over everything.

Very open, concise. Fair grading. Good knowledge of subject. Good ability to relate subject to the students.

[Went] over each and every detail clearly.

Makes the class fun. Helpful.

He was very helpful and patient.

His detailed explanations, patience with slow students.

Catered very well to the students’ needs.

Sufficient materials provided. Accessibility to professor’s aid.

The most significant qualities that the instructor had was that he was very helpful to the students and was always available to answer questions.

Just the hands on approach and how he show you step by step.

Doing the exercises in class were very helpful.

Patience. Clear instruction.

His patience and his knowledge of computer programs.

Very patient, helpful, and knowledgeable of software.

His clear assignments. His patience – went thoroughly over material.

Professional communication skills and presented material at a steady pace.

He is really patient and helpful when I don’t understand the homework.

Easy to approach, knowledgeable.

His knowledge and willingness to help.

Hands on experience professor doing the activities with us.

Using a projector and good pace.

The pace of the instruction.

The fact that he had worksheets and how he went step by step and he had his comp screen up on the projection screen.

The way he demonstrated everything he was teaching.

He helps me a lot in the homework & he is very patient. He also does not hesitate to explain repeatedly.

He made sure that everyone understood the material.

He gives out useful information and he’s very helpful.

His handouts were very helpful because it’s a hard copy I can refer to the rest of my life.

Combined theory and practice via handouts and homework assignments.

Having patience when learning how to use Microsoft Word.

Learned new things for PowerPoint 2002.

Showed us hands on where the different parts of the programs were.

The instructor made me feel comfortable asking questions in class and he was very patient as well.

Ability to get the point across.

Explained everything thoroughly. Answered all questions asked. Very detailed at explaining.

Hands on. He would stop when we were confused. Made himself very approachable for questions.

Showing us how to do things in class & give us notes to study and refer to.

Knows/has a good understanding.

He explains and repeats the lecture everytime the student needs help until he/she totally understood.

His website is very helpful and lots of handouts.

He sculpted my knowledge in the beautiful realm of technology.

Strong desire to help students learn. Extremely helpful and patient. Very knowledgeable in subject matter.

Helped me learn material, well explanatory, applied everything to material.

Goes over everything clearly and go over if needed.

Nice, explanatory, simple.

He was interesting, funny, and nice. He is easy to talk to and very approachable. He is clear of what needs to be done and what he expects of his students.

3. What should the instructor know, either about his teaching style or about your or other student’s experiences, in order to teach the course more effectively?

Mr Splane is the best teacher ever!! He keep track of student’s ability. He willing to explain everything again and again.

Mr Splane doesn’t need to change his teaching style.

He should feel more comfortable. He’s shy.

The instructor should be well prepared for each class and he was.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Nice, funny, helps students out when help is needed.

The “tools of the trade.” (Sorry, I don’t understand this comment. – Mike)

I think he teaches fine.

I believe he should talk more slowly but overall he has great teaching skills.

He should know he is a really great instructor.

Speak up.

I think he teaches this class perfectly. We got a lot of handouts that I will continue to use after this class that will be very helpful.

Sometimes goes too fast and speaks softly at times.

Nothing. It is as good as it gets.

His style is already effective and doesn’t need much improvement.

He talks too fast and shows everything too fast. He needs to slow down. Speak up too because its hard to hear him.

Keep on doing/teaching the same way. Your style of teaching works.

Can go fast at times, some people may be afraid to ask to slow down.

He is a good teacher.

It’s all good.

Just know that you are a compassionate teacher, devoted to expanding impressionable minds.

It’s a good way to teach, maybe go a lil more slowly at the beginning then build speed.

Very effective teaching style.

Overall it was a good experience. Perfect amount of work, effective use of class time.

Patient with enough knowledge

He is doing just fine.

He has done a wonderful job. I probably would not change.

He should slow down when explaining certain processes.

Everything is good.

Already doing a good job, maybe go a little slower on confusing parts, such as formulas for Excel.

None. He was great.

Make the class more excitng!

Very good teaching style, laid back and fun. Syllabus is very clear.

Need to go over more on the Excel formulas. (I have added some homework that will help – Mike)

The teacher was perfect for my learning level. May be slow for those that know material or too fast for those that don’t but it varies with students.

Because students have different levels of understanding concepts of this course it’s difficult to bring everybody on the same page, though Mr Splane used effective teaching methods to decrease the difference.

Don’t be so lenient to students interrupting his instruction. (I think it’s important to encourage questions, even if it does slow us down. – Mike)

Teacher is perfect.

Deal with technical problems better.

If possible, make the projection screen bigger so people in the back do not get lost.

When teaching Excel the teacher should increase the view % because some people in the back rows can’t see what he is doing so we get lost.

Try to go slower. Not everyone is computer literate.

Pace is too fast for beginners.

He or she must assume all the students don’t have experiences ever.

He is doing a great job.

It was well done.

Go slower.

Course was taught perfectly.

Figure out what the student level of knowledge b/c somebody may know more than some.

He is very patient with the students if they don’t know the program that well.

None. He’s good!!

I think he should make the class more lively.  (I’m trying. I wish I had some better ideas for how to achieve this. – Mike)

Sometimes he rushes through important parts, like in Excel, and then I get lost for the rest of the lecture. (I ask people if they are keeping up and encourage questions. Not sure what more I can do, but the  next student had some good advice.- Mike)

Need to quiz your students orally for an answer and never assume they understand. “Ask them for an answer” (I’ll try to do more of this – Mike)

Easy, laid back style, comfortable. Maybe could ask more questions for more interaction.

A little more energy.

Sometimes he goes too fast, but will help you if you need help.

A lot of material in short amount of time, wish the class was longer.

Maybe he on this course should let us know a little bit about Access. (Good Idea. I can spend a couple minutes on this. – Mike)

He is a great teacher.

It would be more effective if lecture notes were online. If there already are notes available online then that’s good. (They are online - Mike)

Try not to cover too much context during class illustration. Speak loudly.

Be more creative.

I love his teaching style! Excellent professor!

Pretty much he is well prepared for the class. He knows what he is doing.

It was very effective overall.

4. What 2 or 3 changes are most critical to improve the overall value of the course?

I don’t think there is need change in this class. This class is great enough for student’s future.

Teach Excel before Word because it’s a hard concept (I’m going to start alternating topics, to spend more time with Excel – Mike)

This course is fine as it is.

Less talking. More hands-on.

Make it more interesting.

I don’t see any need for improvement.

I don’t think anything needs to be improved.

Maybe have it be a little longer.

Make it a longer course.

Maybe longer course time, or slower pace.

To learn more applications possibly?

Maybe one more week longer.

The time. I wished I can learn more tricks to do my work easier.

Course is too short to be effective. Possible semester long with more in-depth assignments & in-class assignments.

The time. Duration of the course is for certain parts of a course too short if a student is a complete beginner.

A little slower, maybe three times a week, and less subject to cover.

Class is boring but what can you expect when everyone is at different levels.

Make course longer than 5 weeks, maybe at different levels of aptitude for different students.

I needed more time to learn what was taught in this class. (Good point. The class requires you to do some study on your own.- Mike)

The screen is kind of blurry and hard to see from a distance.

Temperature in the room. It was always too warm.

Slower lecture.

Nothing. Everything was excellent.

Nothing. Everything was good.

Go slower J that’s it.

Slower paced.

For me a faster pace and more real world applications of the practical.

This is a great course…

More examples. Bigger projections.

More work. More exams quizzes.

For the homework assignments pinpoint more on what you want. (I rewrote some of the language to try and do this – Mike)

None. I think the course is good as is.

Change nothing.

Not much change is needed; it’s already a high valued course.

Creativeness and clear examples.

Not have to log in everytime and for the internet to work at all times.

Make the font bigger.

Making the screen larger for students to see what buttons or icons he’s clicking. (I’ll focus more on this. Thanks – Mike)

Shorten the exams a little. (I’m adopting this idea – Mike) Speak louder. Make sure students are in the same pace as you.

N/A. Course is great, learned a lot of things.


Encouragement to continue with a special class (next level). Guest Speaker (I’m bringing in a surprise speaker this fall – Mike)

He is good.

Class should be longer. Mr Splane should be a permanent teacher of this class. Excellent instructor and very helpful.

I feel it was great and nothing should be changed.

This course is perfect and it’s only 5 weeks!


Thanks for all the great ideas! – Mike                                   Back to 91L Page