Fall 2009 – Comments from Mike Splane’s Business 91L students


What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?

The good teaching experiences and the humor of the teacher.

I had a great time in this class. The professor really knows his stuff & teaches it well.

I will remember the tic-tac-toe games.

The jokes in the beginning were pretty funny and helped lighten the mood.

The horrible jokes that were surprisingly humorous

His jokes

The bad jokes

The awesome jokes.

The jokes before class.

The corny jokes, candy, his glasses.

The jokes and the easy to work with personality.

Standing up in class and introducing ourselves.

Learning PowerPoint! Oh yeah, and daily jokes.

All of the different functions and shortcuts in applications. I liked the PowerPoint project.

How to use PowerPoint. Creative stuff has always been really fun to me. This 2007 version … is awesome! You can practically make a movie with it.

PowerPoint homework; most creative part of the class.

I really enjoyed the PowerPoint lesson.

PowerPoint sound and how to use it.

PowerPoint and using Excel. Never gone so in depth about it before.

Using Excel. Didn’t know Excel did so many useful things.

I will remember how to use Excel for something other than Christmas lists.

I was a little intimidated by Excel but Mr. Splane made it easy to learn it which I will remember.

Learning about the different tools within Excel absolutely interested me & helped me apply the learned objectives towards my job.

The keyboard shortcuts and where to find things using Windows.

The exciting materials that I learned which would help me at work and the fun way of teaching.

The homework assignments which taught me the many functionalities of MS Office that I didn’t know.

It was fun and informative.

Great teaching! I loved everything the class learned.

How helpful he was in helping me learn and not feeling uncomfortable asking questions.

Everything about the class. Every class meeting I learned many valuable concepts.

All of them. My Excel is stronger and PowerPoint is better too.

Excel. I learned so much. Thanks!

Though spend a lot of time do the homework I have gained so many skills.

All of it.


What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

In-class examples and a study guide.

The textbook, very clear.

The instructor’s textbook is very clear, concise, and easy to use/understand.

A lot of hands on. The book gets right to the subject and it is easily read.

Excellent textbook & loved his enthusiasm.

Professor Splane was very thorough in his lectures, took his time explaining concepts, made sure students were not lost, plus provided a textbook that followed his lectures/demonstrations.

Knowledgeable, interesting, stayed on topic, reward system.

Very organized.

Passionate and knowledgeable of subject.

Being nice and understanding.

Open-minded, funny, understanding.

He is very friendly and approachable. More professors should be like that.

Easily approachable.

Very easy going and approachable even though I never needed to.

Easy going and good teacher.

Used comedy; and real life experiences.

Humor. Listens to his students.

Like the jokes and I liked how you were calm about everything. The class went smooth.

Very patient. Can ask him anything.


Patience and simple step by step instructions.

The detail and explanations were very good. His response to questions was excellent. Very cool teacher.

He said it, then let us try.

How he walked us through all the problems and explained.

He jokes and creates a good environment for study.

Made classroom environment very laid back.

Very hands on; goes through it all step by step.

Teaching us step by step.

Step by step help was very helpful. Instead of just watching the teacher do the examples we got to follow along.

I loved how you were hands on and went step by step.

Having the whole class hands on and him actually doing it with us at the same time.

Very helpful and instruction was very clear.

Very clear instructions.

He was very clear about what he wanted and expected from the students.

Straightforward. Clear about what was expected of the student.

Very straightforward and easy to follow teaching. Very good pace.

The pace of the course was perfect.

Taught class slowly yet effectively, was attentive to individual need.

He asked students if everything was clear before moving on.

He was interested in what he was teaching and left no student behind.

Ability to teach the material for EVERYONE to understand.

Makes lectures very clear, easy to understand by demonstrating step by step process.

Repeats things. Everything is gone over twice - in class and in homework.

PowerPoint, homework, great teacher.

How Excel can be used in the real world.


Everything was helpful.


What should the instructor know in order to teach the class more effectively?

Some music as we learn.

Turn the A/C down, it was always so cold! Brrrr

He should know better jokes and have in-class labs.

How to get Office 2007 on a MacBook

Students prior knowledge of Office ‘07

Pay more attention to students.

Sometimes I was getting sleepy, though that is usually every class.

To slow down a bit because some people are not familiar with the new software.

Slow down so things would not have to be repeated so much.

Take your time professor! J

Everyone learns at a different pace.

Be louder to keep afternoon classes more focused.

Encourage students to ask more questions. He did it a lot though.

Nothing. Did a very good job as is.

He knows everything already.

The class was fine.

It is excellent the way it is.

Nothing. Perfect.

I think he is perfect.

He knows everything. Best prof ever.

He is already an excellent teacher.

He teaches great.

You did great.

He’s great!

You’re doing great!

Nothing! He is an awesome teacher!

He’s a great teacher, he probably needs a raise in salary.

The teacher is more than adequate.


What changes would improve the overall value of the course?

Provide homework on syllabus so students don’t need to buy the book.

Larger font for screen.

Make the screen bigger because it was hard to see what he was doing sometimes.

Increase (zoom in size) on what is projected (on the screen).

Another projector and screen. Hard to see from back.

Maybe more Excel work.

It’s a lot of information to absorb in just 5 weeks so maybe more time on Excel lessons.

Make the course longer.

I feel that the class could be a little bit longer for more practice.

More time on PowerPoint and more tricks in Excel.

How to port an Excel chart into a PowerPoint slide.

Having projects based on the materials we learn would help.

Nothing. Great course.

Nothing. Keep it this way.

I think the course is perfect.

I thought the class was very effective.

Nothing, he is great!

I think your teaching is great!

Keep it as it is.

Maybe another day on Excel so we aren’t as rushed.

The speed.

Remove the 80% requirement on the only exam. An average of class-work, homework and test should be done.

Have more test-out dates.

Maybe not giving everything like all the formulas.

More commentary on incorrect homework.

Go over common mistakes done on homework.

Make the steps in the homework more in depth.

A few corrections to unclear homework assignment areas.

The directions to the homework were a little hard to understand.

None, really enjoyed it. Liked the HW assignments a lot and actually feel I learned something in this course.

Lay off the jokes… just kidding! They were kinda funny. J

Change it to a grading course, not a Credit/No Credit

Turn in homework online, printing was not effective for certain HW’s and charts.

More candy.


Would you recommend this course to other students?

Yes – maybe high school though. I only learned a few new things.

Yes! This course helps me understand Excel better and it’s good skills to have.

Yes you can put it on your resume.

Yes + maybe an intermediate course if it becomes available.

Yes, definitely. Great knowledge for workplace.

It teaches you important computer skills.

Yes! Great class and instructor!

Yes, and this prof! Very informative!

Yes, it’s helpful.


Of course.

Of course. Yes.

Yes, of course.


Most certainly, very effective.

Yes, absolutely.

Yes Big Time J He is a nice teacher and helpful.

Yes! It was very helpful.

Yes. I have already told others to take the class.

Absolutely, great teacher.


You Betcha!


Yes, it is very helpful if you are not a “computer person.”

Yes. You rock Splane!

Yes, and that they should be ready for one of the best classes state has to offer.

Yes. It is a crucial course to learn.

Yes. The course has helped me a lot. I would like to take it again to improve my skill.

Yes! Great professor.

I would recommend this course. You are a great teacher. Thank you!!

Yes! Very funny person and he knows his sh** well! J

Yes of course because it was fun and exciting when coming to class.

Yes. It is a helpful course.

Yes. I already have!

Yes. Hell Yes!

Yes, especially w/SPLANE