Fall 2008 – Comments from Mike Splane’s Business 91L students


What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?

Jokes everyday J

The jokes weren’t really funny but still managed to put a smile on my face.

I will remember the stupid jokes most.

Lame jokes. Class seems to fly by.

I didn’t know how to use Excel at all so now I have a basic concept J

PowerPoint because it was fun and creative.

I will remember how to animate my PowerPoints so they are more interesting.

The experiences that I will remember most is the PowerPoint activity. It was very fun.

PowerPoint was an excellent tool to learn all the additional features to make a presentation good.

That Office 2007 wasn’t as bad as I have heard before.

Just all of the new shortcuts. I was really bad w/computers and now I feel like I’m a lot better. And I really enjoyed making the PowerPoint. I liked the jokes.

The graphs were helpful.

When I asked a good question and he gave me a candy.

The visual in class assignments & the step by step instructions were very helpful.

Learning how to use formulas in Excel worksheets (VLOOKUP, IF function, pivot tables, etc). That will help me tremendously when I get a job.

Working with Excel has been very helpful. I learned many things I didn’t know before.

All of the individual help and how accessible the teacher was.

A lot of the shortcuts for Word and Excel.


What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

His willingness to go over the materials more than once.

Wanted to learn the information in a positive learning environment.

He tried to eliminate stress from the classroom environment, made it a very comfortable environment.

He wanted to help and that was great

Great listener and lecturer.

The lecture methods were perfect and easy to follow.

His openness to questions/comments & his relaxed attitude.

He gave examples and asked if there was additional assistance needed.

Clear instructions, willing to back track for a student, clarity, just to name a few.

He should go over his steps.

Explaining his steps in ways that students can understand.

Went at a good pace.


Sense of humor.

I think he did a very good job especially with his website. He provided all the materials needed on there.

On screen step by step

The patience to answer questions.

You were always welcomed to ask questions.

Giving candy out for good questions. Allowing students to go back to a previous step.

Exercises in class did help to understand a lots.

Very caring and responsive.

He was very patient and willing to help students in need. Excellent teaching methods!

The lessons were simple and given at a good rate that I could follow along.

Didn’t move too quickly, everyone understood.

Textbooks / procedures were very good.


What should the instructor know in order to teach the class more effectively?

A little bit more interaction.

Be a bit more fun and interesting.

He is great.

Nothing. He is already an effective teacher.

Slow down when teaching new things.

Slow down for students who don’t know how to use VLOOKUP!

Sometimes we can’t go as fast as instructor & sometimes miss stuff on screen.

More participation from students.

He’s pretty good at his job.

A bit more clear on homework instructions online, some things were confusing.

Go a little slower and repeat everything at least twice.

His methods are paying off, keep it up.


What changes would improve the overall value of the course?

If the instructor gives more examples.

Make the IF / VLOOKUP functions more clear.

More candy.

More jokes, I love jokes!

For homework just go over it a bit before assigning it.

Group presentations.

Put more examples (pictures) in website on steps or what the finished product should look like.

A bit too nerdy L

Make assignments due on time so people like me won’t have a chance to slack off.

Maybe extra credit?

Nothing. It is perfect just the way it is.

Maybe a longer time period to learn information.

Shorter class.

If the pace was faster.

More real life business Excel uses & more PowerPoint.

A little more time on Word & PowerPoint rather than Excel because the students use those programs more.

We can go over PowerPoint more.

Give some more exercises but those shouldn’t be turned in. Just some more practices.


Would you recommend this course to other students?

Yes, because Splane is a good teacher and his lectures are also good.

Yes, you are a great teacher.

I would highly recommend this professor and course to other students.

Yes, he is a great teacher. I just wish he would teach my harder subjects because he does a great job at explaining things.

Yes, I like him.

Of course.

Yes, this is a must.

Yes, learned a lot.

Yes, definitely!

Yes it is very effective since there is a new version of Word, Excel, etc.

Yes, it’s better than study by yourself at home.

Yes, very informational.

Definitely. I learned a lot from this class.

Sure. J

This is very informative. The information will be very useful.

Yes, already have.

Yes, heartily recommend it.

Yes, great introduction into Excel.

Yes, the course is really helpful and supportive for preparing good skills in using Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

Yes, to all students.