Fall 2006 – Comments from Mike Splane’s Business 91L students


What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?


If functions, your flexibility, and the effectiveness of classroom learning.

The IF because I had a hard time with them at first but now I get it.

The essay portion when the teacher talked about LSD.

Making charts and graphs. I found it very fun!

The Word Art section was fun to learn.

Learning Excel is great. It’s really eye-opening.

Skills learned from doing homework. Fun class. Enjoyable. Great teacher.

Probably his long assignments, which I’m actually grateful for because I learned a lot.

I know for sure I will utilize the things I learned in this class.

The introduction of class when we did tic-tac-toe.

1st day of class, sharing info about each other.

Networking with classmates.

PowerPoint slideshows you shared in class.

The PowerPoint assignment because I had a lot of fun doing it.

The whole class experience was the best I ever had at SJSU.

Mike is a very very nice person!

The fact that he showed concern about things and people beyond what this class is supposed to teach.

Mike Splane getting people to participate.

I will remember all the in class assignments that we did that kept my attention. They were fun.

The materials were taught in a very good manner. I had a much better understanding of the subject after taking the class.

I’ve used this knowledge this semester.

The whole class was great! I’ve learned a lot and everything was memorable because I’ve learned all the different function for the first time.

Everything, because the material I learned in this course is very helpful. I’m glad I took this course.


What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?


Very understanding and cooperative with students.

Friendly and approachable.

Patience + concern for students. ! No pressure during class.

He is a really good teacher. This professor can teach well.

The fact that the homework was different from the class. It made you explore more.

He showed us how to do the exercises step-by-step which is extremely helpful.

He went through all the necessary steps, which were really helpful.

He went over things slowly, so we could all understand.

Good pace. Provided simple answers to questions.

The ability to answer our questions clearly

Answering all questions and not avoiding them.

Being willing to answer any question a student had.

Very helpful when people had questions.

The way he explained lectures.

How easy it was to communicate with him.

Very open to talk to/ask questions.

Good at responding to questions.

The book written by Splane was extremely helpful.

His own book, exercises in lecture, online, & in book, useful website, homework online & in book, etc.

The website helped a whole lot.

Had everything organized online.

The homework reinforced what I learned in class.

The homework problems and in-class lectures.

He lets people resubmit the homework if they get a really low grade.

He helped us with our homework and accepted it late so we could learn more and fix our mistakes.

He helps students a lot when students need help.

Visuals and examples of each assignment.


Very patient.


Positive attitude, passion.

He actually cared about what he was teaching.

He’s humble to also learn from the student when he didn’t know something. He always want to learn more.

Learn by doing.

Desire for all students to learn and do well.

He was always willing to help & he explained everything clearly.

He was very clear and patient when instructing the class.

The willingness to help out a student.

He was willing to spend a lot of time to explain to us the materials.

Not rushing and providing personal assistance frequently.

Asked for questions frequently, assisted anyone with troubles.

Nice guy. Lenient.

He lets you go somewhat at your own pace.

Very good pace and very informative. He answered every question that was asked.

The teaching methods were thorough, explained different techniques.

Made sure everyone was following along and well at explaining.

Everything was taught very well. Very understandable.

Teaching style made all concepts memorable.

Professor Splane teaching & style is very clear. He’s extremely helpful.

Very nice personality. Sincerely wants students to do well.

He taught me how to use Excel. I actually had no clue how to use it.

Good speaker.


What should the instructor know in order to teach the class more effectively?


He’s awesome as is!

What he already knows!

He teaches it fine.

He should just continue what he is doing.

He seems very approachable, understandable, and kind.

He responded quickly to e-mails and let us hand in paper late if we did not understand in first place.

N/A Very effective.

Just continue what he is doing,

I believe he knows everything.

He already knows too much! J

Very easy to fall behind if class is missed.

Try to slow down a bit.

Try to slow down on more complicated information.

Go a little bit slower with Excel in the beginning maybe.

Just keep up the good work.

The instructor is very knowledgeable.

Try to speak louder. Otherwise he’s great!

He is just great.

He does a great job!

You are doing a great job. Don’t change anything.

You are doing a good job.

Many times we can’t really see what he is doing on the overhead so sometimes it’s hard to follow.

Go deeper into functions such as webpage building and such.

Just make the class get to know each other better. Have students introduce themselves.

I love this course, very fun and entertaining!


What changes would improve the overall value of the course?


Nothing. Perfect instructor.

Nothing. He’s cool.

Make it more interactive.

More help on homework.

Nothing, Great Job!

No changes. Great!

N/A Great class.

N/A A great professor.

I wouldn’t change anything.

Good course.

Divide class into sections according to how much they know.

Further explanations.

If the instructor increased his volume and went a little slower.

Less homework. We do enough work in class.

Skipping the Word assignment. Everybody already knows how to use it.

Maybe more functions?

Making it longer. A whole semester but more topics covered.

I wish the class was a little bit longer. There’s so much to learn.


Would you recommend this course to other students?


With Professor Splane, yes.

Most certainly.


Professor Splane is a great and funny instructor. Take him!!

Of course.

YES. Don’t take the exam to skip the course.

Yes. Definitely.

Yes. Definitely take this with Mike Splane.

Yes. Very useful.

Yes. It’s easy to understand and very useful.

Yes, to anyone with a business major.

Have Fun.


Of course!

This course was very helpful for PowerPoint and Excel.

Will definitely recommend.

Definitely. If you want to know how to produce pretty PPT slides & Excel chart, this is the one.

Yes. 100% recommendation.

Yes. Highly recommended for students unfamiliar with Excel, PPT.

Yes. It’s very resourceful.





Yes, if they need help w using computers.

Most definitely!

Most definitely J


Yes, if they need improvement.