Student Evaluations of instructor Mike Splane

Business 91-L, Fall 2005

Departmental Feedback Form

1. What experiences, events, or situations will you remember most?


I will remember using PowerPoint. I am excited to use this program now.

I will know lots of shortcuts and easy tricks on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

The shortcuts for Word and Excel.

All the shortcuts that I have learned for Word and Excel.

Teacher telling us shortcuts and other nifty things.

Excel, because I didn’t know how to use it. Creating better looking charts.

It was very exciting to do the PowerPoint, the Excel chart and Word drawing.

The activities we did in class. PowerPoint Slide transition.

Making banners using Word Art.

How to use Microsoft Excel. I know for my major it will become useful.

The vast amount of information I learned using Excel and discovering the application’s “hidden formulas”

Excel formulas.

Control + ~ to see the formulas. Everything with Excel – that helped a lot.

Word, because I didn’t know how to use it as well as I do now.

Certain lectures that included tricks in Internet Explorer. How to create graphs/charts and PowerPoint.

Logging on.

Day one introductions.

The first day of class everybody introduced themselves and named one thing interesting about them. I thought that was good because most teachers don’t do that.

Playing tic-tac-toe the first day of class and introducing one another. Wonderful experience in 91L.

The first day, playing tic-tac-toe.

Mr Splane is a very good teacher – open to students suggestions.

The jokes the teacher made to help us understand topics better.

Probably when I accidentally missed the first day of class and the instructor did not get mad about it. He was understanding and explained what I missed.

Homework. Struggled, but did it.

The homework.

The experience of doing the assignments.

I enjoyed the hands-on experiences provided by this class.

In class preparation for homework.

Examples during class.

Nothing in particular but every class was very informative.

The lectures were straight and to the point.

The equation for the Excel helped a lot.

His website made the course awesome. Everything is outlined and students are never left in the dark on where they stand.


2. What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

He took his time and made a comfortable atmosphere.

Easy going. Always can ask him a question, relaxed atmosphere.

The teaching style was great. I greatly appreciated the feedback. A pleasure.

The instructor tries his best to teach us. Thanks Prof Splane! J

Prof Splane was very friendly and willing to help out with any questions. He taught at a very reasonable rate.

Very helpful, would answer any questions students had.

Very helpful at all times.

I asked him for personal help and he was more than willing to help. A very friendly guy.

Open. Great guy.


Very fair and patient.

Very patient and caring.

Instructor had a lot of patience. That’s a good quality to have.

Patient and thorough.

Instructor is very patient. Available after class. Returns email very fast.

Always asked if we needed any questions. Slowed down and showed us how to do it.

The prof did not get annoyed when we asked him to do the problem over again. In fact he encouraged us to stop him whenever we got confused.

Very clear and approachable.

Explained everything clearly.

The clear presentations.

Went through every step. Very clear. Had handouts and examples.

Clear, easy to understand, worksheets were easy to understand and very thorough.

He explained everything very well. The methods were good and from use.

The instructor was straight to the point. The homework assignments were an excellent way to improve my skills I learnt previously in class.

Taking us through everything step by step.


Excel Charts worked well

The examples.

Demonstrating examples in class.

Excel demonstrations and printouts.

Showing and explaining, while we tried it ourselves on our own computer.

His tips for doing things easier/quicker. Online syllabus. Updated grades. Speed of email responses.

The use of the class website was very helpful for grades, homework, and information regarding the Office applications.

Handouts and easy online access to everything.



Handouts were helpful.

The handouts.

Methods of learning Excel and PowerPoint.

Going over exercises slowly.

Gave the instructions clearly and slowly. Allowed students to ask questions.

Prof. Splane explained things slowly and thoroughly, and repeated when someone didn’t understand something.

Explain things in detail.

Knows how to keep class fun, so students won’t get bored.

Knew material very well. Good pace.

At a well paste (good pace?)

His flow and ability to teach.

Easy to follow.

Taught us shortcuts and neat tricks.


3. What should the instructor know in order to teach the course more effectively?

I think he knows plenty already.

He’s doing fine.

Don’t change anything; your teaching method is great!

Do what you are doing, it is effective.

He is already effective in my mind.

He was very efficient.

He did a great job!

The computers are too slow: Mine was often much slower than the professors. Therefore he needs to slow down and WAIT!

The use of the projector is very important.

I would suggest allowing the students to experiment more with the programs in class and answering individual questions.

Walk around the room to see where everyone else is in the class activity.

Probably not let students use the internet, it disrupts other students.

Not take the class all the way too seriously.

Student names.

For me I thought he should quicken the pace – but I don’t think that would be good for the majority of the students.

Needs to go more quickly through PowerPoint because many students know subject already.

Maybe to show the things a little bit slower because there are students who do that for first time.

Maybe because this is just a month lab and there’s quite a lot to cover, the instructor goes a bit too fast during the class.

Slow down. Make class more exciting. 

Slow down.

He knows everything. Maybe he can just slow down a little.

Move a little faster, just a little. Like how points are emphasized.

Taught it exceptionally well, maybe go over some of the difficult trick parts twice w/o anyone even requesting to.

A slower and more detailed pace regarding Excel.

Nothing, did a good job.

Nothing. He is a great teacher.

Nothing really. As long as students do the homework they should be fine.

Maybe grade easier on assignments.

Prof Splane adapts to all of the students’ needs.

The professor seems kind of quiet.

Have a small class.

None- Perfect teacher.

Doing good job.

Good methods.

Try to allot more time to hands-on class-work for better understanding of the subject.

4. What changes would improve the overall value of the course?

He has made them all. Flawless class.

Nothing is really that critical.

Less homework.

None – made class interesting.

Maybe make the class work a little more interesting.

Sometimes it gets a little boring. I really liked the participation from the class.

More questions (I think this means be more interactive, less straight lecturing.)

More breaks, more jokes (Two good ideas, especially for the 3-hour classes. - Mike)

Class is really long 2:45 hours is a long time in front of a computer.

Shorter classes.

Shorter class.

Slow down – some of us don’t know the material as well as you do. This is an introductory course!

It is run smoothly already.

No improvements necessary, overall is detail-oriented.

It is easy to learn and will be helpful with my future computer use!

None, it is a great course that teaches you a lot of skills that can help you in the future.

I enjoyed the course, no change!

Nothing that I could think of. It was a good class that I learned something new that I could use later on.

If all students were required to sit closer to the front so he can hear them better.

I wish we had spent more time on Excel charts/worksheets.

Maybe less time on PowerPoint to half a day, instead of one lesson.

Allot 5-10 minutes each class for students to experiment and ask questions.

Asking students questions about how to perform certain operations may be beneficial in keeping students interested.

Nothing. Everything is perfect.

Everything is excellent.

Excellent course, no changes are necessary in my opinion.

Just grade easier! Great teacher though.

Nothing… I learned a lot!


5. Would you recommend this course to other students?


Yes, Excellent Professor

Yes, definitely! J



Yes, I’d recommend this course to those who are weak in using Excel, Graphics, Charts, PowerPoint, and Word.

Yes. Prof. Splane is an excellent professor.




Yes, the skills learned in this course are very relevant for business majors and can be useful in other classes.

Yes, you will learn something even if you think you already know how to use these programs.