Student Feedback †††††††††††††††††††††††††† Business 91L ††††††††††††††††††††††† Spring 2013

What will you remember most about the class?

The first day of class when we played the name game.

Able to work at own pace. Assignments were good learning tools.

The assignments actually helped.

The videos attached o the assignments because visuals made more sense sometimes.

Having you walking around and helping is also a good experience.

The simple-ness of the class.

The help I got from the teacher and the teaching style.

I enjoyed learning and being in this class because of the teacherís way of conducting class.

I really enjoyed working in groups because I made new friends and they were able to answer questions that I had. It was convenient to have others help instead of having to bother the teacher when we canít figure it out.

Working with my teammates because I like communicating and they were extremely helpful.

Working with team members.

How helpful it was to have team members.

Iíll remember the groups.

Group work. First group working class Iíve had.

I made a friend- my partner who always helped me and he stayed even after he was done.

That talking was encouraged.

Talking is good Ė relaxing mood.

I liked that we had the opportunity to work in groups and talk with each other.

It was helpful sitting with a team and using them to help answer questions.

Being put into teams seemed silly at first but was helpful to have open communication with neighbors.

Iíll remember working with new friends and the success I felt after completing a task.

Being able to work with others and learn how to use the software was helpful and made the class fun.

Working with my group mates.

Group working. Working in groups made the course easier o comprehend.

Being forced to work in groups because now I made a friend that is in the same major as I am.

Meeting my partners/new friends.

That this class is very team based which most classes are not. The class had a very laid back stress free environment.

The experience to learn in group and straight to practical. Because if itís only theory we will forget real quick compare to practical.

The way you run your class is ideal. It helps to build connections.

The jokes and my group mates.

Working with a group. Get help faster and less threatening to ask questions.

Working with groups to get work done.

I will remember the step by step easy to follow instructions given by the instructor because I know I will refer back to them someday because they were so helpful.

I liked seeing how one change in a cell could change multiple things.

How to add cells together in bulk. Quickly copy and transcribe info from one cell to another.

I learned how to do pivot tables. Thought that was interesting. I learned some new tools to use in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Ė learned a lot more. Functions lesson Ė really helpful.

Learning pivot Tables Ė priceless!

Learning pivot tables Ė so useful.

Putting data into pivot tables

Pivot tables, Vlookup, and formulas, because they are all things I can use in my jobs.

I will remember how to use formulas, Vlookup, and If functions.

Learning how to use If functions and Lookup functions because it is very useful.

Functions, Lookups, charts. Excel is very important to me.

I will remember how to create data validation lists; this is a good skill to use for business.

Shortcuts through Excel. Mirror mode was a very useful tool.

Making and filling out charts very easily, because it will be extremely useful.

Functions in Excel. I did not know how to use them at first. After this class I realize they are very useful.

The If/Then and Lookup functions. I had to go over them multiple times thus making them more ingrained in my mind.

The Excel functions because I think I may use them in the future.

Knowing functions in Excel.Working with media (audio, pics) in PowerPoint.

Mostly the information about formula use in Excel and the many videos on YouTube we used for class.

Certain shortcuts on Excel and the PowerPoint classes because they are useful and I know I will use them again.

All the Excel classes. they are usefullater in my career.

How to alphabetize. How to put lists in numeric order. I used to have to retype everything to put it in order.

Getting detailed help with Excelís Vlookup functions, charts and graph into.

Mostly I will remember the work we did on charts as well as data validation and pivot tables. All of these make working with, and analyzing, data much easier and I can use them in my classes as well as in the business world.

I was awful at Excel when I started; I am competent now.

Realizing I sucked at Excel.

I will remember Excel the most because I started off not knowing anything about it and now I can do stuff.

I like that Iím learning a lot of new things about both Excel and PowerPoint that I didnít know before.

How to use Excel. I was never proficient in it at all. Now I have a broad understanding. I have a friend who I can take a lot of my classes with.

I did an Excel assignment by myself with no help.

Most of class was so useful. ďBest Classí

Professor Splaneís helpfulness.

Always in a great mood and very helpful.

How cool/chill the instructor is.

The professorís hands on teaching method.

comfortable learning environment.

How homework is graded. You donít see this style in any other classes.

It was interesting how homework was handled. Practice exam is helpful.


What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

Willing to help as needed.

Self-reliance. The teamwork part played a major part as well.

Very willing to help everyone and makes the work very straightforward and simple.

Mr. Splane made us work in class which was incredibly helpful as I am a hands on learner.

I think the learn-on-your-own, step-by-step, works well. I had no trouble following because the instructions were clear. The group style is also nice when people get stuck.

Flexibility of time. Course is all self-taught online,

Working in groups made it easier but also he was very helpful and nice. Never made you feel stupid for not knowing something.

Allowing self-learning pace and the use of groups help. Material organized and easy access.

Having the steps written to pace myself.

Having everything we needed in one convenient location.

He lets us work in teams so we can better help ourselves.

His method of letting us work in groups to work on assignment. Very effective.

His genuine heart to assist his students.

The instructions are simple and straight to the point.

Having every lesson step by step really helped with understanding.

I liked how the instructor would walk around and check on the students to see if we needed help. Placing sample exam, videos, notes online was helpful.

Lots of shortcuts.

Very clear and helpful.

Everything was really straightforward so there werenít a lot of confusion. Also itís a hands on class so you just do it instead of listening to a lecture.

The professor always came around and asked if the students needed help and gave one-on-one time when students raised their hands.

His laidback yet effective way of teaching.

Easygoing personality. Very helpful.

Team atmosphere.

Very helpful and let us learn at own pace.

Mike Splane really helped me in any of the topics where I was stuck or confused. Really recommend this person to other students on campus.

He lets us figure things out by asking our classmates first before asking him questions, which is a new way of learning. No lecturing helped by letting the students work and finish homework.

The overall structure was on point.

I like the flexibility of assignments. It would cater to what we wanted to learn individually.

Using groups and being very easy to approach for help.

Group learning and the way he handles any questions.

He gave us all the tools we needed and was very approachable for questions. An awesome teacher.

Walking through parts that were hard to understand.

His online instructions were very clear and effective.

Hands on approach, not so much worried about grades so we were able to relax and actually try to learn.

Giving clear instructions helped.

I liked how he let everyone work at their own pace with freedom.

Very patient and helpful.

I enjoyed the class. Mike was an easy going instructor and always eager to help the students.

Helpful with Excel-related questions.

The instructions were clear and it was really good that we got to practice and use all of the tools, rather than having a multiple choice exam.

Very caring and understanding. Takes time to help make right.

Always been available to help when heeded.

The professor was quirky, very approachable if need be, and not in the slightest intimidating.

When he would walk around the class and ask if people needed help.

The exercises were to the point. Wants students to learn.

Very accessible. Thank you!

He is always available if you need help. I like how the videos online are available.

Having spelled-out instructions that gave directions that were easy to follow.

Easy online instructions that can be studied at home if needed. Groups helped making the learning easier as well. Prof. Splane is very approachable.

Straight to the point & direct instruction of Excel on what to do and where to go for certain steps.

The step by step instructions combined with group help make it easy to learn.

How the instruction sheets were very easily accessible as well as easy to understand.

Group learning really helpful.

He was always there to help.

Professor Splane really has a love for the subject, which makes approaching him easy when needed.

Gave detailed directions which made for smooth & understandable teaching.

Steps and instructions that we can do on our own and have group members helping alongside.

The willing to help was very helpful, and, instead of shaming, the instructor walked me through the problem.

Encouraging teamwork and being available for help.

The steps on the web pages are very easy to understand.

The step-by-step instructions and YouTube videos were extremely helpful. I was surprised that I actually remembered how to do things because of the instructions.

Energetic, cares about students, straightforward instruction.

Very patient and strong communicator.

No lecture and making students learn on their own so they learn efficiently.

Hands on. I learned at my own pace.

Check for Understanding handouts.

The steps are easy to follow which makes it a great learning experience.

Letting us turn in the Check for Understandings at any time was great since it let us learn at our won pace.

Detailed step-by-step instructions. Allowing us to self-direct and work at our own pace. Accessibility to answer questions.

The hands on experience of getting help right when we needed it. Most professors donít offer that much time to their students.

Free flow, ask questions as needed.

He was always able to help.

You responded to questions very nicely so people were willing to ask more questions.

He assigned us to groups, which is really helpful. We can learn faster.

Having partners during the class semester was good idea, helped me learn better,

He was nice and aided me when I needed help.

Facilitating student communication No homework if you finished in class was great.

I liked the instructions. They were very helpful. Working in teams is a great idea! The instructor is very knowledgeableand can be easily approached for help.8--)

In the instructions here were examples of how to do the problems, making it easier to understand.

Had step by step instructions that were clear and easy to follow.

Gave clear instructions online and in person.

He let us work at our own pace and I never felt rushed.

Being friendly with his students and walking around asking if they need help.

Letting us work at our own pace.

Able to work at own pace. Hands-on assignments helped learning process.

His easygoing attitude and helpfulness.

The help I got when I got stuck on an assignment.

What should the instructor know in order to teach the course more effectively?

Should do more physical teaching in class like demos on the projector if people are having a hard time in class knowing what to do.

Ideally would have liked to see the old teaching method with doing everything as a class. Have taken other Office classes previously, this one seemed a little confusing with questions at times.

I would prefer some visual learning and having lots of examples for certain areas. (I have been adding more graphics and videos to accompany the text.)

Maybe take the more complex items and do them with the class and then proceed. Highlight topics of each segment.

Give more incentives to going to class.

Make the assignments worth more so you are more inclined to do them.

Be more engaging.

Maybe have the students turn in assignments so students are more motivated to do assignments.

Not having to print out all Excel sheets for every assignment was nice.

Most students in the group may be bored by team members asking too many questions.

Provide more time for work on assignments. Let students work on what is hard for them. (I think the student is asking for differentiated instruction, with each student working only on the assignmenttasks that are new for them.)

Asking students for their knowledge in Excel, which the instructor does.

Nothing. I think everything is perfect and very effective.

I think the way this course was designed was very effective. Perhaps a pop quiz to really test the students current skills in the semester?

The course was very good. Maybe explain the terms like ďRibbonĒ or ďtabsĒ in the beginning. Everything else is awesome. (Good idea. I added a glossary in Fall 2013.)

Good teaching style that lets students experiment with the software in order to learn it.

Not much. This format seems perfect for this type of skills-based course.

I think everyone got something out of the class but I believe they would have gotten more if the class was more interactive.

None, you have a very good teaching style that let us learn by doing rather than listening to a lecture which I thought was great!

Good teaching style. The only problem is perhaps the steps need to be shorter.

Great job, no suggestions.

Excellent teaching style, straight forward instruction that is easy to follow.

I think the teaching style is very effective because weíre learning by doing. Itís easier to remember when youíre experiencing it.

Having a picture of the icon would help me find it.

That students do not know the name of each key button on Excel Ribbon?

I think it is good as it is.

Keep the instructions simple and understandable.

Instructions are eye-straining.

It gets frustrating when the instructions arenít accurate. (Good comment. The first draft of the assignments had several typos. I immediately fix every one that students bring to my attention.)

The instructions should be more clear and specific.

Everything was very clear and easy to understand.

Very helpful, canít help thereís too much material to cover.

Class is very well structured. Very good as is.

I think the course is excellently laid out the way it currently is.

I like the way the course is laid out. Itís been perfected.

I think the course is being effectively taught with the current teaching style.

I thought his teaching style was very effective. The lessons were step-by-step and easy to understand.

I think he does a phenomenal job of instructing this class.

Mr. Splane made us work in class which is incredibly helpful. I am a hands-on learner.

Everything is great. I donít see a need of any changes.

Your teaching style is perfect. Youíre always available to help.

Maybe remove some of the redundancy in his steps online and the more common sense stuff to save time.

To have a review every two weeks to refresh our memory.

Heís awesome. Everything was great.

Heís great the way he is! Change nothing.

Youíre awesome. Donít change.

Nothing. He was an excellent instructor.

Great teaching style. Enjoy learning at own pace.

Some people pick things up slower than others.

Sometimes the instructor didnít know how to adjust some mistakes. (Yes, this was true a handful of times, because it was my first semester teaching this version of Office.)

What he is doing is great already.

ďBestĒ Nobody is better than him.

You really helped and took your time to help each person.

I think the guy got the teaching right. I donít think he needs to change anything.

Nothing. It was very effective.

Very good instructor where the students actually learn from him, not on their own.

Do not change a thing. I thought the professor taught the material very effectively as is.

Overall I thought it was a great course. I have no complaints.

Nothing. All you have to do is show up and do the work.

Your teaching style is very different compared to other professors. Your style, and how you have step-by-step instructions, actually works very well. However I recommend putting more examples/end-results-of-the-assignment on the information sheet, so students know theyíre doing the work correctly.

Great teaching style that makes it easy to learn, and study, using online instructions.

I think everything about the structure of the class is good.

What two or three changes are most critical to improve the overall value of the course?

Keep up the good work.

I wouldnít change a thing.

I can not think of any needed changes. Great and fun course to be a part of.

Iím happy with the course the way it is.

Canít think of anything. Course style is good.

Ainít no problem for this course. Itís perfect right now.

I feel like this course has a lot of value.

Nothing really. I had a good time and I learned a lot without the stress of learning everything before exam because every class is straight work.

I would say not many changes are needed. I feel the courseís emphasis on Excel rather than PowerPoint and Word was very helpful in understanding how to use Excel.

I think your teaching is very effective because you allow the students time to catch up whatever they miss, and I love the way you instruct, very detailed in each assignment. So I donít think there need to be any changes.

Very helpful, enjoy getting to know professor.

No changes. the grouping in the first day of class was really helpful. I feel like I really learned some Excel stuff that I had no idea about.

I liked everything about the class. I did learn a few new things although I was already familiar with Excel before.

Npthing. Great class. Great structure. Great professor.

I honestly really liked the course the way it was run.

I feel the course does not need to be changed.

Do not change a thing. Everything was perfect all the way around the board.

Nothing needs to change.

This class was perfect for me.

None. This class was an asset to my education.

It is great as it is.

I would keep it the same. Like the instructions; easy to follow.

None. It is already good.

None. Great course.

Nothing. Everything is good!

Update info to be more accurate. Otherwise itís perfect.

This course is very useful.

I thought it was an overall great class.

Great class. Great professor.

Reading the documents with all the steps was quite tedious, however, Excel is not easy to learn. Just know that it takes time for students to interpret the material.

Maybe show a couple examples of functions on the projector.

Focus a little more attention on functions.

Have more examples of different situations and explain some of the function formulas in more detail.

Make steps more clear. Encourage learning. (Donít know what this means. Wish something more specific had been added to the comment.)

Maybe at the beginning of each class do a small explanation of what you want your students to focus on and give examples of the assignments. Just a suggestion.

Let students work on what they need the most help in. Provide more time.

Teach a little of the subject at the beginning of the class so students arenít completely on their own.

Try to let students work in teams. More group work instead of by yourself. (I experimented with this in the following semester. Test scores did improve, but only slightly.)

Maybe a little bit more detail about how to do each assignment. Maybe more interaction with others outside your group.

Please teach us how to do line graphs plots of X and Y variables. Very useful in several classes.

My biggest critique about the class is learning to do all of it alone. The instructions were very straightforward but that also made it harder to retain the information. I personally like watching the teacher and learning from him not teaching myself.(Then you really needed a course like this, to teach you to stand on your own two feet.)

Possibly supplementing each lesson with a shortened step-by-step guide on how to do the main things learned in the lesson would be a good idea. Other than that, everything else was great!

More websites and YouTube videos such as VLookup and Pivot Tables. (Done.)

Perhaps extend course longer than five weeksso students can spend more than one class day on a topic. Five weeks seems too short to me.(Agree. Starting in the following semester we altered the schedule so the classes meet once a week for ten weeks, instead of twice a week for five weeks. )

I would like to see some quizzes, or a midtermexam, instead of basing the grade on a single final exam.

Overall the course was very clear and helpful. I enjoyed learning how to use all of the componentsof Word and Excel. I think the only change I would make is to make students turn in the files we do to make sure that we are actually doing them. (I started requiring a screenshot on every assignment in the following semester. Test scores went up when students had to prove they had done the work. )

Donít tell the students the exams will only be on Excel. It makes the emphasis (I think this means the effort put in by the students)on PowerPoint and Word less than it should be.

Maybe for a few exercises you can go over it on the board if a lot of students are having a hard time understanding. Other than that I think everything is fine the way it is right now.

Can walk around more and check on students.

Would it be possible to separate the assignments into beginner and advanced so those who know about the typical Excel situations can skip to something they will learn? Maybe itís necessary, idk.

Have an option for those familiar with Excel to do some advanced functions if they want, I.e. macros.

Focusing more on the more complex stuff and less on changing gradient color.

Just highlight section aspects that are considered difficult or important.(Maybe I could have a numerical difficulty scale added to these instructions for each set of tasks in each assignment. Iíll have to give that some thought. I could survey the students and see what they thought was toughest,)

Recommend showing how to do practice exam on the board. Sample exam is long. Fast paced course for five weeks. Recommend group final exam. It would help students learn and be more accountable. Recommend shortening final exam, some people are slower than others. 70% should be passing.

Make the students reuse ideas learned in old excel assignments in the new ones. (I have included four project assignments that give students the chance to practice the skills learned in earlier assignments. In general I like your idea.)

Participation should not be graded since the material can be learned at home. (I think learning social skills is a critical component of the college experience, and I want to be able to quickly identify at-risk students and get them immediate help, so I want my students to attend class.)

Make the videos open in a different browser window than the assignment,(I like the suggestion but donít know how to do this.)

Write down the icons on steps. (I added keyboard shortcuts for all of the instructions that required the use of an icon.)