Mike Splane          Business 91lL

Student Comments – Spring 2012


The Strengths of this Instructor were:

Very Enthusiastic!!  Funny, Passionate about teaching J

Very helpful. Explains the materials really well.


Very clear, great amount of valuable information. Good class, good teacher! J

You are a great instructor. Great experience, assuming I pass.

Great teacher, very easy to understand.

Great prof!

·         Goes over things at a very manageable speed.

·         Really focuses on what will be used in the workplace.

·         Makes the material seem easy and understandable.

·         Love his jokes and uplifting mood each class! J


One of the most applicable classes that I have taken. All around great instructor.

Very helpful to students in need. Consistently pushing us to learn. Demonstrates the material very well.

Nice teacher makes it easy to ask questions. I learned a lot.

I like your jokes and your teaching method is clear and concise.

Good voice.

Very approachable and enthusiastic. Gives clear and concise instructions. Makes things very simple J

All the assignments were clear and gave a full understanding of what we were supposed to know.

The assignments were also fun and didn’t seem like a task to do.

He is very enthusiastic and really seems to enjoy what he does.

I considered myself an expert at Microsoft Word but surprisingly there was a lot I didn’t know before this class.

Taught very relevant material. Skills are transferable to almost anything. Entertaining with jokes.

Very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching. He tries to keep the class engaged and entertained.

He always has these random jokes to break the ice in the beginning of class. He’s a great teacher.

Was extremely helpful in class, broke everything down step by step.

Gave very helpful tips on how to use programs, very applicable.

Great professor. Very approachable. Learned a lot. J

He was very clear in his teaching and very patient. I loved his jokes too!

Very clear with instructions and really made everything easy to learn. The skills taught are useful and greatly appreciated.

Loves what he teaches. Great with questions. Cares about students.

Everything. Great overall.

Great teacher demonstrated knowledge of the subject & taught us fundamental points on order to succeed in class.

He is very helpful in answering questions. He knows all the material very well. He should be teaching other business courses as well !! J

The best instructor on campus.

Cool stuff.

Excellent teaching methods and the homework helped me learn the course materials.

Awesome professor.

You have a lot of energy to teach this course.

Very knowledgeable and extremely kind instructor.

Knew exactly what he was teaching. If students had a question he answered so that they would understand.

I really enjoyed your class; you’re an expert at this topic. HW was relevant. Your jokes made class better!

Very smart in the things he taught us. Easy to follow.

Nice jokes.

Learned a lot. Your energy was great. Your teaching methods were great.

GREAT CLASS! I really enjoyed learning about Excel and you made it very easy to understand. J

Great teacher.

Prof Splane knows how to get his students’ attention. His style of teaching is wonderful!


The Weaknesses of this Instructor were:

Short class, only a month.

Not the instructors fault but I needed more time to master the material.

I wish the class were a week longer to learn in a timely manner and not rush things.

Could slow down just a little and show where what item is located. (Not a big deal though.)

Sometimes goes too fast. It is hard to keep up.

If anything I would recommend to slow down during lecture so students can follow along better.

Sometimes you move a bit too fast and I feel embarrassed to ask for help or to interrupt.

Subject is naturally dull, so students fall asleep.

A little dull, but he tried to make it interesting.

Could use more challenging assignments.

The projector needs to show Excel bigger. Sometimes hard to see, but not professor’s fault.

The projector is impossible to see, especially small icons. Makes it difficult and frustrating to follow along.

Jokes sometimes too corny … inhibit learning.


He was great at everything, no flaws at all J

No weaknesses.

No need to improve.

None! Straightforward class.

None. This dude is a beast. J





















Other Comments:


Continue to tell your jokes before and after class, it always keeps class interesting.

Provide stronger jokes. J

Loved your small jokes. Eased the rest of the class.

Keep telling jokes!


Keep up the good work!

This class was awesome.

Very clear, identified all the important things I wanted to know. Nice guy.

Keep doing your thing. You’s a baus.

Very nice teacher!

You are such a good teacher! Wish I could have more classes with you.

You’re a great teacher and I apologize for falling asleep a couple times.

Best class/teacher ever.

Good professor.

He is a very good professor. I enjoy the class so much.

He is a great professor!

Overall a great professor.

Great job!

Your class really helped me understand things I needed to know for my job. Thank you!


Thank you for teaching me all about Excel! I had no idea once I started this course. I will be able to use this information in the future. This class definitely helps for group presentations.

I have never learned so much in such a short period of time! J This class was a huge help. I’ve already started implementing the things I’ve learned in this class at my job. Thank you! J 

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