Student Evaluations of instructor Mike Splane

Business 91-L, Spring 2003.


1. What are the 2 or 3 events, situations, experiences, etc. that you will remember most about this class? Why?

Responses about the class:

I had a really good experience in this class because I learn how to do a lot of things that I did not know before.

I learned a lot in this class, especially learning Excel. It’s really fascinating!

The time that we completed all of our assignments ahead of time and we had time left over to go over stuff we had questions on.

Learned a lot more than expected.

The shortcuts for different areas on how to do things. It made it easier and needed less time doing.

Although I have used these materials before, after this class I have more understanding than before.

The PowerPoint lecture, because it was funny. “Mike the Magician” or something like that. His website is funny too: a cartoon of himself and a picture of his mom.

In-class assignments

The assignments because we tried them in class and had to do homework that was related.


The shortcuts Mr. Splane taught us.

I remember how I learned how to work Excel ( Control ~). I also will remember the neat tricks about the computer. It was/and will be helpful in the future.

Discovering shortcuts and convenience of graphs.

How I learned useful stuff related to real life.

Learning how to use Word to create a resume I did after Splane showed me how.

My homework was used as an example of good charts.

Responses about the applications:

Learning Excel, Mastering Word, Just being amazing

I remember how to do quick shortcuts for Word, PowerPoint and Excel

The PowerPoint lecture, Word short-cut class.

Learning Excel because I don’t know it.

Doing hands on assignments for PowerPoint and Excel helps me understand more skill for using these tools.

Excel and PowerPoint because I didn’t know how to use them.

Actually learning about Excel. I have always had trouble with it and was able to learn quickly.

Learning to use Excel and making charts. Relevant to business life.

How to use Word, PowerPoint, and Excel which I hope will stay with me after this class.

Excel Charts, PowerPoint. As an operations manager, these skills serve me NOW.

Maybe how to highlight more than one sentence/paragraph at the same time. I didn’t know this trick!

Using the PowerPoint to create presentation.

Learned how to use Excel to perform various functions. I also learned how to create charts to accompany numerical data from Excel.

Going over Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I was able to learn things that improved my use of all three applications.

How to do charts and graphs on Excel b/c I did not learn this before.

PowerPoint – learn a lot from this lesson, Graph – learn more on how to make my graphs look beautiful.

PowerPoint slides because of the many styles I created. When we created graphs on Excel because they’re now simple to me.

How to use Excel and graphs because I know I will need to use it in the future.

Working on the Excel because I know this could really apply to my future.

Learning new material in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

PowerPoint, using Excel a little better because I know that these things will come in handy,

The tools learned from Excel PowerPoint and some of the work done from Word because it is useful and important to us.

Short cuts in Word, how PowerPoint ran, main points in Excel.

Learning a few new shortcut keys. Just when you thought you knew it all, something new pops up.

Learning Excel and PowerPoint. It is essential in the business world to know how to use these two programs.

How to use Excel and Word function. He explain very clear of how and what the function are used for.

Learning shortcuts used for PowerPoint & Excel.

To be able to use PowerPoint, Excel and graphs and apply them to a business model. Wow! Real world applications of something useful.

Learning to use Excel and improving my skills in PowerPoint.

Learning how to use PowerPoint, Excel, and the graphs are what I will remember and USE the most.

Excel, PowerPoint. Great to know / fun to learn.

Finally learning how to use PowerPoint and Excel. I didn’t know how until this class!

Responses about the instructor:

Good interaction with students, positive attitude.

Who the teacher was because the teacher taught extremely well, to the point I can remember how to use the programs, and as well as knowing the teacher.

The responses or replies I received from him. Nice communication skill, that you have received the homework.

He gives me confidence to do my homework because everything isn’t that difficult as I thought

2. What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

Responses about the instructor’s personality:

The passion that he has to do the work.

Sense of humor and helpfulness.

Understanding the students needs and dilemmas

Very easy to talk to and understand.

Easy instructor to understand.

Was very patient with all the students.

He was patient to his students and used fair grading methods.

His patience and thoroughness.

He was really patient and helpful.

He was helpful and concerned about us as students. He wanted us to pass and learn the programs as well.

Helpful to students. Easy to contact.

He is friendly and helpful.

He takes time to help us.

Clarity, repetition, accessibility.

Easy on requirements. Made the learning process understandable.

He has experience in the real world and gave us tips about how to become an excellent entrepreneur. He smiles a lot  J

Was able to explain the material well and was patient.

Responses about the website:

His website provides us clear explanation, especially in sample

Having everything on the website helped!

Very thorough presentations, great website,

Responses about instructor’s knowledge of the material:

He knew a lot about the programs.

His knowledge of computers.

Responses about teaching methods:

Went over the homework in detail.

Explains problems and homework thoroughly.

Do the homework and class work with us as an example.

Fair assignments

Detailed lecture.

Step by step presentation of info.

He show us step by step how to do stuff.

He clearly showed what to do.

Allowing us to have open notes on test.

Willing to go back and redo a step to understand.

He showed us everything step by step so we wouldn’t get lost or confused.

Show step-by-step instructions.

He explained the steps in great detail.

Explained steps in detail and answered all questions.

One-on-one assistance.

He spent one-on-one time with the students.

Easy to understand

The hands on learning.

Great hands on activities.

Giving us hands-on experience.

Hands on and learning the programs.

Working on our own.

Getting comfortable with the Excel.

We had hands on experience learning how to use Excel and PowerPoint as the instructor goes over it.

Showed good examples.

He easily related the subject and gave examples of how to properly do it.

Professor Splane used excellent example to demonstrate the point he was trying to make. He gave clear and concise steps to achieve goals.

Good lectures with visual aids.

Having hands on assignments and explains the detail very clearly.

Detail explanation and hands on experience.

Detail explanation each subject.

Took it nice and slow made sure we understood everything.

Detailed and organized teaching method.

He explained everything very thoroughly.

He thoroughly explained each part of the lesson.

Provided samples for assignments, went over questions in class, provided good notes.

He went over concepts in class and did demonstrations with the students in class. He answered our questions about how to do various tasks…

Answering all questions.

3. What should the instructor know, either about his teaching style or about your or other student’s experiences, in order to teach the course more effectively?

Responses from satisfied students:

He’s a good teacher. He showed us how to do things in detail and students could do it along with him.

I think he needs to know that he is a good teacher; because he always has time to explain to students the things that they didn’t understand, in class or after class.

Very clear.

Pretty good.



I think he is a good instructor.

Has a good teaching style.

He did a great job, just needs to speak louder.

Great teacher.  Keep style/methods.

He’s good enough already.

Good enough.

His teaching style is ok.

Very nice, open to suggestion.

He is very responsive. He’s willing to communicate with students, creating a fun learning environment.

Knew the material very well.

Continue the way he is teaching.

He is a good teacher.

Responses about instructor’s delivery:

Speak slowly and show us how to use the formulas a couple times

Speak louder (many people)

Use a microphone to speak.

He goes too fast sometimes (several similar responses)

Go a bit faster.

Talk a bit slower.

Go over things too quick and students will not be able to keep up wth the material.

He took time to ask and answer questions

Be more specific when explaining.

Good teacher with good understanding of the subject. Can be boring.

Be more aware of those who don’t understand.

Slow down sometimes and make sure people are following him.

Easy to understand

Be a little more enthusiastic

Emphasize more and try and explain in more detail.

Responses about class pace:

Stop and help someone if not too time consuming so they don’t fall behind.

Try going slower.

Liven it up.

Use more time to teach. Sometimes the instructor goes too fast.

Responses about course material:

Applied materials.

I think besides basic skills the instructor can teach us some higher technical parts.

Focus more on PowerPoint and Excel, because most people have known how to use Word in high school.

Take more time to go over Excel because it took me longer than others to learn the material thoroughly.

General comments:

Spend more time lecturing.

Homework due on Saturday is not a great idea, most people forget.

Go over homework together.

When someone’s internet is out, don’t take off points.

Some students can’t see the board well.

If a student sits in the back, it can be hard to see the projection screen. He should zoom in on what’s he’s doing or bold the info.

Announce due dates & exam dates more often.

Could have made in-class assignments more fun, i.e. like making a PowerPoint presentation and presenting it to the class.

Be more strict to the students, sometimes some student don’t really pay attention and only check email in class.

Be sure students follow along on own computers, makes it easier to understand.

How familiar everybody in the class is with each program.

4. What 2 or 3 changes are most critical to improve the overall value of the course?

Responses from satisfied students:

No need to change

I can not think of any changes

Good enough

No change

Nothing, it was helpful and easy to understand! J

I think this course helped me to learn a lot, so I guess nothing needs to be changed.


Always prepared and has links to his web page prepared and updated daily! Other instructors should be so current.

Detailed. Good website and kind person.

Not much it was good the way he taught because there were examples of how to do it.

Responses about class length:

Shorter session, more condensed class.

Five weeks is short and long.

Extend the course to make it longer and go over into detail of computer.

The class should last a semester long in order to learn more.

Longer class (even though it was effective short)

Maybe one more week longer to learn more complex material.

Make the class longer, then have in-class assignments.

Extend the course longer.

Longer class time.

Just to make it a little more longer.

Responses about instructor’s delivery:

Be more fun…

Talk louder, get class more involved.

Always clear in presentation & delivery.

Speak louder and go over class materials more slowly.

Talk louder, repeat instructions, fill up the front of the room first.

A microphone to hear him clearly.

He needs a microphone

Slow down a bit, speak louder.

Slowing down and explaining the material.

Projecting his voice but other than that an excellent teacher.

Responses about class pace:

Make things more lively.

Go over things slowly.

Some of us are slow learners.

When demonstrating on Excel, go slower.

Slow down and make sure everyone is doing the same thing. I got left behind once.

Responses about course material:

None, maybe more time to go more in depth.

More details on Word, not just common thing, cool things to do.

Homework shouldn’t take so long, and exams as well.

Show us how to do the homework in advance.

Maybe instructor can introduce us some application examples.

Include more tricks and techniques. This usually got the attention of the students, makes them more eager to learn about the class.

Responses about course content:

Make the assignments all tie together in one giant assignment.

It was very complete, maybe teach Microsoft Access if possible.

Short final.

Focus more on specific ideas and programs and try not to cover too much. The class is too short!

General comments:

Make students learn by mistakes.

Students being able to follow along on computers and letting the students interact and learn from each other.

There should be classes on other Microsoft applications as well.

Wish I knew I didn’t need the book before I bought it.

That the computer work

Maybe enlarge the screen.

A new screen, or erase the black mark.

Getting a clearer screen to teach the course.

Glasses provided to every student from the 4th row back.


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