Student Evaluations of instructor Mike Splane

Business 91L, Spring 2002.


1. What are the 2 or 3 events, situations, experiences, etc. that you will remember most about this class? Why?


The Excel presentations and PowerPoint because I’d never had a class about these before.

Instructor’s patience, clear instruction, excellent knowledge

Lots of computer assignments.

I liked the projects that helped with learning Excel.

I think I will remember all of the things that he taught us about Excel.

Projects #2 Questions

PowerPoint notes but need more time.

That he was always prepared for class and on time.

Doing my assignments. They took a lot of time, especially the graph charts.

I learned how to make borders, put pictures and use alignments in this class.

Learning about Excel – needed info badly, taking first test – easy.

A few basic tricks in Excel, The fire alarms.

The fire alarms going off way too many times, which wasn’t the instructor’s fault.

Learning how to use Excel because the instructor made it easy to learn and use the concepts we learned.

Learning a few neat tricks in Excel, and the time Mr Splane said to network ourselves with classmates and teachers.

Business banquet → network.

The first day of class going around the room to get to know the students more. It showed he’s concerned about us.

He’s very easy to get a hold of outside of class through email. It’s easy to know how we’re doing.

Learning the advancement of Word and Formulas for Excel.

I will remember the Word and Excel shortcuts the most because I will use them often.

How to use Excel and how to use Word.

Working with  Excel and Word because the experience bettered my skills with both.

The time he taught us how to use Word and how to justify with it.

The lecture on Word was very helpful. I will retain the info in that lecture because of how carefully described and explained the material was.

The use of computer techniques in troubleshooting as well as tips and tricks learned.

Learning how to use Excel, b/c I do not know anything about the software.

How to use the internet and Word in a different way than I’m used to.

Mike is a personable instructor. This helps me to feel comfortable to ask him questions without intimidation.


2. What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?


He answered every question thoroughly and gave many examples.

His knowledge, explanations, examples first-hand.

Showed step by step to teach each computer assignment.

He was very informative and helpful.

His lectures.

He’s very patient and if you don’t understand something he’s there to teach you and explain it until you understand it.

Very clear with what is being taught, what is being tested on, and how to learn and do well in class.

He’s very helpful and does his best to teach the students the material.

The projects, because it allowed me to put my knowledge into practice.


Hands-on activities to help me retain the information.

Using the resources to learn the material.

His resume on his site is impressive, he has my respect, so what he teaches I just know he’s right.

Knows what he’s talking about.

Use of the web to explain everything.

Having his notes and guides online. As well as showing us how to do things hands-on.

Individual assistance.

He made it easy to understand how to do things and was always open to student questions.

The instructor took moments out of the lecturing to ask if there are any questions. This way he assures that we are all moving at the same pace and other students don’t get left behind.

Good manners and willing to help.

He explained the lecture and taught us step by step carefully.

He spoke very clearly and helped everyone with demos of all procedures lectured about.

His website was very detailed.

The website he put up was extremely helpful

I love how our grades are posted for viewing, and in such a quick manner.

Straight to the point.

Patience, accessibility.

Very patient, explained concepts well.

Organized, had everything on website so if I had a question I could refer back to it.

The variation in topics learned.


3. What should the instructor know, either about his teaching style or about your or other student’s experiences, in order to teach the course more effectively?


He taught the course well and his style is unlike any other.

All seemed satisfactory.

I think his teaching style is very effective already.

Just to continue the way he teaches. I don’t see anything he needs to change in his style.

Maybe go over exactly what will be on the exam and answers to the review questions.

I think he did fine.

Having his own manual students could refer to would help increase students knowledge.

He is good.

Talk louder, Be more creative in explaining material, more enthusiastic.

MORE ENTHUSIAM! The class is dull.

Needs to speak up and interact more with class.

He needs to be more lively.

He needs to slow down a bit in his lectures and speak more loudly.

Speak louder and more clearly.

Make projection bigger. Vocal variety.

His teaching style isn’t that bad. Can’t think of how to improve it.

Excellent job so far. Raise voice, project voice more.

He made the course very clear and help us to understand a lot.

He is doing a great job.


4. What 2 or 3 changes are most critical to improve the overall value of the course?


Make more time for class or more days for more examples.

More stuff like PowerPoint, etc.

The book was okay but often didn’t explain the material like it was demonstrated in class.

A class manual would help for reference.

The course is too basic.

Make the course longer and go into detail the use of  each program.

More information about PowerPoint and maybe less on Word.

Add instruction in web design.

Make the class fun, get class involvement.

Make the class lively/interesting.

It’s not very exciting, more enthusiasm and excitement be very nice.

Teach some interesting thing to make the class more interesting.

Make it more exciting by making it more hands on

It is important that the hands-on part of this class be taught in a more in-depth way.

Better computers and clearer projector.

More harder stuff to learn.

It’s too basic, except for Excel.

Dive into PowerPoint more.


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