Mike Splane             Students Comments                Fall 2011


You’re perfect! J

Very nice, approachable.

Very into it teaches with passion.

Was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject and in helping the students grow.

Helpful, fair teacher, nice guy.

Very nice, friendly, helpful, and funny.

Nice, kind.

He was very passionate and helpful about teaching the class.

Was very clear w/ examples & very willing to help anyone with questions.

Responsive to students and questions J Good jokes.

Great at answering questions and giving thorough instructions. Great help through email as well.

Made sure everyone was up to pace and was very approachable.

Took his time to make his point. Gave step by step instructions. Was clear when teaching.

He is a great teacher and knows what he is doing.

Helpful towards students, understanding.

Very organized teacher.

Listens well to students and explains topics well. Shows a lot of interest in the subject.

Very knowledgeable, was easy-going.

Everything was easy to do and understand. The textbook was very helpful.

Very funny. Listened to students’ questions.

Very good knowledge. Answered questions well. Gave students help when needed yet thorough with detail.

Explained everything very well.

Fun class and assignments.

Very knowledgeable. Approachable. Understanding, Clear & concise.

Very attentive to students. Responds to emails quickly. Made sure students understood material. Provides study guides and helpful resources on webpage.

Nice and great teaching method.

Relevant to real-world work.

Very clear and easy to understand.

Knows his stuff. Cares about students. Makes class interesting. Assignments are about what we learned.

Hands on. Very helpful, A++ teacher.

Very approachable and tries really hard to be funny. Knows his stuff and it’s very basic material.

Great clear instructions.

Goes over examples ‘til you get it. Very helpful.

Knows the material very well. Easy to understand.

Very nice, great teacher, enjoyed class.

Very informative, homework helped, interesting, fair grader.

Very informative. Knows every secret in and out of Office.

Good teacher.

Explained everything very well. Really good teacher.

Very informative and the most useful course I have taken for my major thus far.

Covers in depth the skills needed in the real world.

Stops frequently for questions. Helps students individually if needed. Gives out candy J

Easy, straight-forward assignments. Book was easy to follow.

Enthusiastic, humorous, friendly, experienced.

Enthusiastic, full of energy, caring.


Passion and energy during lectures. Incentives to get students to show up on time.

Very enthusiastic about the subject. Cares about his students. Amiable, respectful.

Great teaching abilities and compassion.

Helpful. He gets his students and the class well. Tailors the class for students.

Great teacher with an abundance of knowledge.

Very knowledgeable.

Very smart and helpful guy. Learned a lot.

Pretty interesting. Useful computer skills. Effective learning.

He is a great professor. He understands his material and is very aware. Very helpful and understanding.

He brings real-world situations into the classroom and gives hints and examples of how we can use this information in our careers.

Knows all the content well and explains well. Grades fairly.

Amazing interest and subject knowledge.

He knows what he is talking about the whole time.

Fun and made the class interesting and at same time I learned a lot.

Very details. Very helpful. Responds quickly.

Very effective.

Good jokes J

I really liked this course, the way he teaches it.

Explained concepts very well & clearly. Logical, no unnecessary complications.

Everything! Knows what he is talking about and his teaching style is addictive.


Very nice & understanding. Very clear & caring.

Easy teaching methods. Knowledgeable. Passionate.

Very easy to follow with in class.

Very thorough and clear.

Professor Splane explained everything in a detailed and good pace. This class was very useful J

Approachable; answers all questions quickly.

Very responsive of questions, knew a lot about the material.

Very clear, precise, helpful, fun.

Very involved, strong knowledge of subject, very good explaining, very friendly, approachable.

Informative, effective and good class.

Helpful and I learned a lot about Excel. Informative. Organized.

Very helpful and taught effectively. Made sure everyone followed along. Enthusiastic.

Fun. Easy. Knowledgeable


Very detailed and effective.

Intelligent, motivated, willing to help.

Very helpful and was a good instructor for this class. Made it easy to understand.

Helpful, Fair at grading. Interesting lectures. Caring. Funny.

Provided examples for everyone to follow. Answered everyone’s questions.

Created a good atmosphere for the class.

Clear explanation of subject. Approachable, easy to talk to.

Clear, relevant information.

Passionate. Makes learning more fun. Approachable. Knows his stuff.

Very specific in what he wants. Very organized. Amazing teacher!

Good class. Very helpful. Enjoyed it. Thanks.

He was very enthusiastic about the subject and explained things clearly.

He was very thorough with his teachings.

Very approachable. Taught things that are relevant to our “real lives” Very fair grader.

Shows passion for the class. Has a great sense of humor. Teaching methods were effective.

Interesting. Useful. Always offers to answer questions if we have any.

Answers any questions very thoroughly. Great understanding of computer programs.

For a quick-paced class the information was taught effectively.

The textbook had good assignments

Made sure we knew what to do before moving on.

Went over any questions on material.

Great teacher. Patient, nice.

Very clear and fun.

Good explanations. Funny class.

Very thorough. Willing to cover items more than once. Good explanations in textbook.

Very related to other courses. Very interesting, useful lecture.

Was nice, had some jokes.

Easy to pick up class concepts & get help.

Very knowledgeable in computer tools. Excellent way of teaching. Enthusiastic. Helpful.

Very nice guy. Easy to learn.

Very good teacher. A strength was use of examples.

Very clear, answered all of the questions. Made sure everyone was on task and not lost.

The material taught was very useful and easy to understand.

Mr. Splane was very interested in getting the students to understand the material he was teaching. Overall a very caring teacher.

Very helpful. Great teacher.

Very helpful. Showed relevance and interest.

Knowledge. Helpfulness.

Quick and helpful response by email.


Great teacher !!


Weaknesses to improve on


Material is more instructive and less interactive. Allowing students to work out issues on their own is interactive.

Bring a little more energy to class.

Can be boring but I think that’s because it’s a computer class and not Mike Splane.

Real fast. Boring too.

I can see where it would be boring sometimes if you already know the material. That’s why I don’t require students to attend class if they already know the skills I’ll be covering that day. - Mike


I understand you always ask “does anyone have questions?” but not everyone will reply. I know it’s a problem but I don’t know what more I can do. It’s really the student’s responsibility to speak up. If they don’t tell me they’re in trouble how would I know? I included my class notes in the textbook to help the shy ones. – Mike


Help students who show up late for class. They will be lost and not know how to catch up. Please start class five minutes late to allow students time to walk to class.

I sympathize but I don’t feel comfortable wasting the time of the students who do show up on schedule. It’s everyone’s responsibility to show up on time. I even tell a joke as an incentive to get people to class on time.– Mike


Emphasis more on exam. I’m not sure what this means. I already spend time in-class on review and exam preparation. I also provide a study guide and sample exam online.  – Mike


Needs to be more thorough.

Provide more feedback on our graded work.

I needed more review on certain functions.

Slow down a little for the Excel instructions & possibly if time permits go over Excel HW in class.

I already spend thirty minutes on reviewing homework. I could do more but there would be less new content covered. I stay after class to help anybody who needs one-on-one support. I could spend more time reviewing the delivery form assignment– Mike


Needs to check-in to see if people are able to catch up.

Talks fast and the course overall was quick.

Fast. Too much to learn in short time.

Can move a bit fast.

Little fast when teaching.

Sometimes goes a bit too fast.

Need to slow down a little.

Sometimes moved through material too quick.

Could have explained things at a slower pace for some students.

Too fast.

Slow down on some parts of the lecture. If we get lost for one second it can ruin the rest of the lecture.

Too fast.

Slow down on some examples.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to find a pace that suits everybody. I do my best by pausing frequently to ask if everybody is caught up. - Mike


No weakness other than the jokes you tell. J

Weak jokes.

Corny jokes and they are good sometimes to hear.

Jokes were terrible.


No need for improvement, did a great job.

Just be like that! Great!

No weakness, good professor.

Did an outstanding job.

No weaknesses!

He does not have any.

Nothing really. Overall great teacher.

Nothing. A+ teacher! J


He was great.

Thank you for a great class!

Thank you for an interesting and useful semester!

Overall great teacher!

Was overall a good teacher.

The stories on the website are interesting to read, haha.

It was a pleasure being your student. Have a great holiday break J

Awesome class. Thank you so much Sir!

Great teacher, very knowledgeable and passionate about subject.

Keep up your great work.

I would make the course a requirement if it isn’t already.

Great teaching skills. Very enthusiastic!!! Thankful for having him as a patient teacher.


Excellent easy class, very relevant.

Great teacher. Loved everything about him.

Great instructor. Thank you for all of your help!

Thank you for the wonderful class J

Thanks for being so nice, and a good instructor, reactive to students.

Great job!

Great guy.

I liked the class overall. Very helpful teacher and useful information.

Funny jokes. Continue. What do you call a dancing cow? A milkshake.

Amazing professor. Taught us well. Learned things I didn’t know one could do.

I learned a lot. Thanks J

I enjoyed your class very much! Thank you!

Keep on teaching!

Your teaching performance is great!

I loved this class, very useful and was easy to learn.

Does a great job!

Great job, useful skills for the future.

Great teacher! Very informative. I earned a lot.

One of the best teachers at SJSU.

I liked your jokes and your effective teaching methods.

Excellent instructor about Office 2007. He built my self-esteem with handling Office 2007. Thanks Professor!

Very informative and helpful. Thank you.

Good methods of teaching.

Very helpful.



He obviously cares about what he is doing which is great. Used relevant examples to show not only how to use computer tools but also why it is important. He made class interesting. One of the best teachers I’ve had.


You were very effective with your teaching methods. Your assignments were challenging but I learned a lot from them. Thanks for passing on your knowledge Master Splane!


·        Very enthusiastic about teaching and it shows.

·        Very useful homework assignments and class work

·        Very knowledgeable in area

·        I learned a lot! I grew from an amateur to a total pro now J (in Excel, PowerPoint)

·        I thought I was a 5/5 in Word but I learned a lot still about Word!

·        Super helpful.

·        Able to work with students who have conflicting schedules and problems.

·        Adorable jokes, ha ha!

Thanks You !!


Very nice & approachable for comments and always answers questions. (Please tell other instructors to be like that too.) Gave real-life examples/applications of learned material. Demonstrated confusing concepts in several ways. 


Very articulate, clear concise. Very funny, approachable. Good lecturer, kept class interesting. Most useful business class in Business department. Overall fun and practical class.


Very good explanations of where certain skills would apply in real life. Step by step instructions to ensure understanding of course material, readily available to students in class & out of class.


Thanks a lot professor. My primary reason for wanting to learn these skills are for my resume and work. So far I have experimented with the PowerPoint during class presentation and it looks great! The jokes are too hard! Ha Ha.