Mike Splane – Fall 2010

Student Comments on Survey of Teaching Effectiveness Forms

Discuss the strengths of this instructor’s teaching.

Thorough –

Good examples, HW thorough, approachable.

Very helpful. Very thorough in explaining the steps.

Explains well. Thorough explanation.

Very knowledgeable; knows programs thoroughly.

Very helpful and went over the homework/instruction in class very thoroughly.

Professor Splane was very thorough with his teachings. The coursework and materials supplemented his teachings.

Really explains material thoroughly and can tell he has a lot of passion on what he is teaching. Goes through the material at a good pace.

Positive attitude. Thorough explanations

Patient, thorough, sense of humor.


Answers all questions-

He definitely motivates us to ask questions and ask for help.

You take things slow and are extremely responsive to questions from your students.

Very patient with any students who have questions and also very understanding when somebody missed something. A great teacher overall who I would definitely take again!

Knows everything. Answered all questions.

Responsive to student questions. Created a friendly learning environment.

Very interactive. Helps students with any questions without making them feel stupid.

Passionate. Not boring. Clear. Answered all questions. Cared a lot about his students succeeding.

He takes his time to answer and explain any questions. He clearly explains the steps and is an excellent teacher.

Instructor would stop and go back whenever students asked.


Positive Attitude-

Very focused. Loves students.

Very easy to approach.


Very friendly and enthusiastic.

Great professor. Lame jokes are oddly funny. Cares for his students. Wish more professors were like this.

Very approachable.

Very good teacher. Super nice J Hope I pass!

Enthusiastic about teaching class.

Good attitude. Passionate about teaching.

Very approachable

Created a POSITIVE atmosphere! Very approachable. Very knowledgeable.

He cares about students. He loves what he is doing and it shows in his performance.

Awesome teacher. Supper friendly and nice. Keep up the good work!

Easily approachable. Easy to talk to.

Very approachable and welcoming.

Very friendly and approachable..

Professor Splane was very enthusiastic.

Very understanding. Sense of humor. Easily reachable.

Being excited about the subject and topics influences students to be excited as well. Thank you for loving teaching because it shows. You are always there to help when students need it.


Clear Explanations -

Great at explaining material

He was very clear when speaking.

Made things very clear.

Cool, smart, clear.

Clear and concise.

Went into very good detail on assignments and exams.

Made class very easy to follow.

Class instructions and lectures are clearly visible and understandable

Showed each step we needed. Lessons were effective.

Great at teaching Excel.

The teacher knew exactly what he was talking about. Very good examples.

Good explanations.

Knows what he is talking about. Explained everything step by step.

Made class very simple and easy to understand.

He will go over material again to make sure students understand everything.

Knows what he is doing and explained it well.

Made sure the whole class knew what he was teaching.

Very good explainer. Good examples. Easy to learn. I created my own financial expenses and chart with various functions that I learned from this class.

Great class. Very helpful and perfect at explaining assignments, exercises, etc.


Effective teaching methods -

Taught very well in an understandable method.

Flawless. Very good teaching methods.

Great teaching style

Great teaching method.

He has a great style of teaching.

Funny teaching style. Very detailed!

Very fun, made the class interesting. His jokes were funny.

Good style.

Went at a good pace.

Step by step helps.

Knows what he is doing.

I liked the way he went step by step and checked with students.

Used class time very well.

Very effective instructor; described every process in detail and was very easy to understand. I learned Excel very well through his teachings.

In-class demonstration is in detail and very clear!

Used great examples in class in order to teach the topics. The book was also very helpful in showing steps to reach finished product.

Assignments were guided and doing them helped me understand the material.

Makes class very interesting.

Very effective method of teaching. I enjoyed everything about the class and learned a lot.

Even though the class was only five weeks long, you didn’t rush, you took your time and I truly learned a lot in this class. Before, I didn’t know how to do anything on Excel and PowerPoint. Now I feel comfortable enough with the two that I can put it on my resume.


Useful Homework -

Prepared, organized homework helped students understand material.

Instructions were clear and easy to follow, which helped with completing homework.

Clear simple and easy to understand instructions during lecture and on homework assignments.

I appreciate how he offered students to re-do homework. It gave me an opportunity to go back and check my mistakes without being penalized

Gave students the opportunity to correct mistakes on homework, which helped me understand the material better. Overall, great class

Everything was very straightforward. The book was great, homework was useful. Candy!

I really liked that the HW assignments told you where to find the necessary functions/formulas to complete each task. Helped me do the homework easily & understand Microsoft Office very well.



Very informative. Knows what he is teaching.

Best class I’ve taken so far in my college career.

Overall great instructor. Teaches everything.

Very well educated/experienced in field. Very helpful.

Mr. Splane was a wonderful professor, and he really taught me a lot …  I would recommend his class to everyone.

Knows everything about Excel. Is awesome.

Overall the professor is great. I learned a lot.

Very relevant class and knowledgeable teacher. Learned many useful Excel tools I wish I had known prior in college. Good class

Informative. Learned more about Office than I thought I would.

As a user who took advantage of MS Office during his career, Splane was well prepared to show the relevance of Office’s tools.

Good teacher. I learned a lot.

Everything was relevant to what you needed to know to pass.



On-time, concise, very helpful. Will use what he taught in the real world.

Awesome! Loved this class! Very helpful.

Mr. Splane was very helpful.!

Very willing to help and to make sure information is understood.

Great professor, very helpful and taught very well.

Very helpful.

Eager to help students.

Always willing to help.

Always approachable for assistance. One of the best professors in SJSU.

Easy to approach for help.

Very helpful.

Very helpful to students.

He understands the material very well and is very helpful.

Friendly, easily approachable for help, joke of the day

Very nice and very helpful. Not afraid to guide students.

Always helpful. Keep up the jokes.

You’re an excellent teacher – very helpful J

Very helpful and knowledgeable

Very helpful.

Great professor. Is extremely helpful in assisting students. The best professor at SJSU.

Discus the weaknesses and/or areas in need of improvement for this instructor

Sometimes the class got a little boring, but that really isn’t your fault. I already knew how to use Word, so that’s probably why I was a little bored.

Too boring.


Lost my attention at times.

Make more entertaining. Easy to get distracted.


More indepth, more abstract. more useful, more advance training in Excel should be required for all students in CoB.

Too much time spent on Word and PowerPoint. Wish it was all Excel.

Very broad view of everything and I felt it was not necessary to go over programs like Word.

I would’ve liked more time on pivot tables & vlookups since they are so commonly used in the workplace today. Pivot tables are covered really quickly.

May have been reluctant to discuss more complicated tools & applications of MS Office.

Need more time spent on vlookup functions as well as if functions in Excel.

Did not cover every single feature of the programs.

Lessons only applied to Microsoft Office 2007. Make lessons more applicable to all forms of Microsoft Office.


Sometimes talked too fast.

Sometimes went a little too fast.

Moves too fast at times.

He goes very fast.

Seems very annoyed when you ask a question, I have to ask classmates for help. (I did briefly lose my composure during one afternoon, and felt terrible afterwards. Mike)

Pacing - too fast.

Needs to slow down during walkthroughs.

Too fast. No time for review at all!



The instructions in the book are a little bit confusing.

Needs a better projector. 


Needs better jokes.

Jokes! Ha Ha Just kidding Mr. Splane.

Better jokes!

None, just look at the rate my professor reviews.

Nothing. Stay badass!!!

Nothing. He’s awesome!

N/A Very good!

Additional Comments

I like that he tells jokes at the beginning of every class! It gets everyone’s attention.

I enjoyed the jokes.

I like the jokes.

Funny Jokes. haha.


Nothing to improve. Made it easy to learn and easy to remember.

Keep doing the same approach.

Keep up the good work!

Keep it up!

Keep up the great teaching method!


Great class!

Great class

Great class, very helpful.

Thank you for the class. It was informative and fun!

I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot! Thanks J

A+ Wish class was full semester. Thanks

Thanks for a great semester.

Thank you. It is very helpful to have learned this information from you.


You rock! J

Awesome J


Perfect. No complaints.

Great attitude. Wonderful teacher.

Keep up the positive attitude. All teachers should be like Mike Splane.

Great instructor and makes learning Excel easy.

Excellent job!

You are a great teacher and you explain very well.

Very good teacher.

A great teacher!

Wonderful teacher!!!

Great teacher, enjoyed the class very much.

Would definitely recommend this teacher to friends.

Why can’t we have more professors like you at SJSU? You are truly a great professor.