Fall 2003 Student Feedback

Course: Business 91-L Business Productivity Tools

Instructor: Mike Splane

Comments from the SOLATE Form


Discuss the strengths of this instructor’s teaching


He showed us how to use the programs one step at a time.

Mr Splane was very patient with his students and wanted students to speak up if he was going too fast or too slow. He tried to encourage us to go to office hours if we needed help.

Good teaching style. Show & Do.

Easy to approach for help & problems.

He went into good detail and answered all questions w/confidence.

Very knowledgeable about his materials.

Instructor is very friendly to approach and shows a great deal of interest in teaching the class.

He showed us how to use the programs one step at a time.

Positive, willing to repeat instructions anytime. Cares for his students. Very approachable. Knowledgeable of subject matter. Excellent teacher.

Explains things well. Will slow down or speed up to fit pace of class. Gives good attention to student needs.

He is extremely knowledgeable about the material. He makes learning fun and let’s us do stuff that is of our interest. (Ex. Assignment #1 and PowerPoint test)

He really knew what he was doing. He had a strong teaching method. He was really helpful.

Spent lots of time explaining. One on one time great.

He definitely knows the ins and outs of the application used. Made practical uses of examples and exercises in class.

Very good at making sure the students understand material.

Wants everyone to pass. Shows how to complete assignments clearly. All material learned was relevant to class.

Very nice. Friendly. Good teacher. Kool. Explains well.

Is clear on objectives and points.

Flexible with the internet use. Answered all questions.

Class was very effective. Detailed info presented to understand material.

Very effective. His handouts/notes are very useful.

Good speaking skills.

He was fairly effective in teaching the course.

He went through the material in great detail.

Patient. Good communicator. Cares about us learning the material.

[The] examples.

Very detailed and patient with students.

He is knowledgeable about subject. He is open to helping students and answering questions.

Able to explain step by step.

Strong knowledge of all information of comp skills.

He was very knowledgeable in all areas addressed in class.

He is really helpful and understanding. He tries and gives an effort in making this class not only fun, but very informative. He tries to keep every student on the same page too.

Very informative. Challenging, useful information, helpful when asked ?’s

Able to make exercises easy to understand. Understands material.

Very friendly and thorough.

He teaches useful things in class.

He knows about the subject matter. He’s very easygoing and goes over things if you don’t understand.

Clarity of teaching. Precise methods in explaining fundamentals.

Overhead instructions, live computer screens, answered questions, was specific and had hands on classes all the time.

Provided great handouts and made the programs fun. Always available to help.

Professor Splane is very organized with his lessons and presentations. He is very precise about concepts that he is teaching.

He goes over notes very well and in a detailed manner. Not only that, but he does not push his students to learn the material to the point of confusion. Overall, he is an excellent teacher.

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, demonstrates with numerous examples, encourages questions, very helpful, provided handouts.

Very good at explaining the subject, eager to help students, and friendly to students.

Assignments prepare you for the test with hands-on experience.

Teaching through demonstration is very effective.

Patience. Clear, concise, articulated criteria well.

He was kind, approachable and knowledgeable about the subject.

Fair, spent lots of time explaining everything, very open to one on one.

Very thorough in presentations. Gave handouts that helped me understand more. Very detailed homework assignments. Use of internet website for class was useful.

Answered questions. Explained materials thoroughly. Provided helpful assignments. Show the students helpful tips.

He was very clear and patient. He explained all assignments.

Very helpful. Very encouraging. Thank you for teaching shortcuts. Being understanding with students.



Discuss the weaknesses and/or areas of improvement for this instructor’s teaching.


I think he is doing just fine.

Soft voice.

Sometimes it was hard to follow.

He went a little fast paced.

Too fast showing us the material.

He went a little fast (but because the class is only a month long.)

The instructor needs to slow down because some people are computer illiterate.

Goes a little fast.

Little too fast in lecturing as well as demonstrating of how to use (Word, Excel, etc.) and operate.

Sometimes a little slow, to compensate for those who do not know material.

Sometimes moved too slow.

Go a little faster. Can’t see the screen.

Turn off lights for the projector screen to increase visibility.

Try to make it more fun.

Instructor may offer more activities so students can learn software programs easier and more efficiently.

Felt boring, do not want to go to class.

Somewhat boring.

Class was a little boring but it was not instructor’s fault. Class is always boring no matter who instructor is.

Give instruction, THEN perform task on the computer rather than give instruction and perform at the same time. Maybe BOTH would be great.

Needed more feedback on things I did wrong.  (I will collect hard copies of the homework so I can return them with written notes. That should help. - Mike) 

Maybe he should pass out some notes on Excel, PowerPoint so we can study which buttons are with what because sometimes I forget the solutions.  (Done! Good idea. - Mike)

n/a – 3 students

zero or dash – 3 students

none – 9 students

none really – 2 students

None that were very evident or easy to recognize.

Nothing. – 2 students

Honestly there are none, none that I can think of.

I saw no weaknesses.

No weaknesses.

He’s awesome! No weaknesses at all. J


Other comments you feel would be helpful to the instructor regarding his teaching performance/ability.


Great Job! Seriously very enjoyable and helpful class.

Great course for real life situations, with a great teacher who cares for his students.

The class was very helpful. Mike Splane was a good instructor.

I felt I really learned how to use Excel, even though the material was very dry and boring. Thanks.

All I know is that I was able to learn new things for my career.

Give out written assignments instead of online.

There should be an additional placement test for the people who weren’t able to come.  (I passed this idea along and got it done. We will offer two exams from now on. – Mike)

Just make sure every student knows all 3 parts of MS Office after the course.

He was very knowledgeable in all areas addressed in class.

Slow moving and subdued teaching & talking. I learned a lot but the class felt monotonous.

Go a little slower in his presentations.

Slow down a little in teaching.

Try to make the class more lively because students tend to act tired and bored in computer labs. Students also get distracted by the internet.

More helpful handouts. Go over HW. But overall A grade for him.

Mr Splane is very understanding and a great teacher over all.

A very good instructor.

Good teacher.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you for all of your help! I can navigate through Excel all by myself now. The information from this class I will take with me and actually use in the real world. Thank you so much! J

I learned a lot especially charts/graphs in Excel. Before this class I knew nothing about even creating charts/graphs.

Very useful now days and at work. Didn’t know much of Excel and now I do.

He goes over notes very well and in a detailed manner. Not only that, but he does not push his students to learn the material to the point of confusion. Overall he is an excellent teacher.

He is very patient and thorough. He is helpful. He likes teaching this class that is helpful for the students.

None. You are great the way you are.