Student Evaluations of instructor Mike Splane

Business 91-L, Fall 2002.


1. What are the 2 or 3 events, situations, experiences, etc. that you will remember most about this class? Why?

Responses about the class:

Being able to email assignments due on Saturdays was helpful.

It was relaxed but educational.

Learning was fun, jokes, and Excel.

The in-class assignments and midterms because they were good practice and helpful.

Doing the assignments because they were tedious.

The in-class assignments were not that bad. It provided somewhat of a review for the exams. I liked the first one because we got to use PowerPoint to create some sort of presentation. That was fun.

I will remember how the instructor used examples through different pages to help with the assignments.

Feedback on homework b/c it was clearly communicated what went wrong or right.

Class lecture not too informative as getting a clear picture of what to do & how to do.

Helpful lectures.

The business plan was a good way to show how to implement PowerPoint. How to apply graphs.

I will remember doing the coffee shop spread sheet. This activity was fun and increased my understanding of Excel.

The demos because it got me started on what I should do.

I asked a stupid question because I wasnít paying attention.

My friend asked a question that you had just gone over 1 minute before, and when I wrote my essay on bad jokes and you wrote back and commented on it. Both were amusing experiences.

Responses about the applications:

I will remember how to prepare charts & spreadsheets on Excel, how to make a PowerPoint presentation, and how to do Word.

The events that I will remember are our class activities on PowerPoint, Excel and graph, because I have fun doing them. In addition, I now know how to use them.

Learning how to use PowerPoint, because I had never used it until then. That was a good experience because I know I will need to know it in the future.

The practical use of Word-Excel.

Learning Excel & Graphs b/c I never knew how to do it.

Excel & charts, learned something new to me.

Learning how to use Excel and PowerPoint, he explained it well.

Learning how to use Excel and PowerPoint because as a business major it will come in handy.

Learn PowerPoint and Excel because those were two programs I wanted to learn for many years.

Learning how to use Excel and PowerPoint will really help me in my other classes.

Iíve learned how to use Excel and PowerPoint effectively. This class has increased my learning of computer skills.

How to use Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Next semester I will be taking business statistics, so it is important that I know how to use Microsoft Excel.

Excel and how to make charts to graphs.

Learning PowerPoint

Learning PowerPoint, learning about Excel.

PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel.

Learning about Excel & PowerPoint because now I know how to use those programs.

I loved working with PowerPoint. The Excel formulas were also very interesting to work with.

The Excel problems! What a nightmare!

Computer assignments, using Excel & PowerPoint.

When I did my Excel homework, I mess up so I had to start all over again. It was really time consuming, so I donít think I can forget it.

Excel and the graphs were thorough and helpful.

I was totally unfamiliar with Excel/Graphs & PowerPoint. They will be useful tools.

I was able to become familiar with PowerPoint and I learned some new things in Word and Excel.

I will remember additional/more technical functions in Word and Excel that I didnít know before taking the class.

Learning how to do the Excel spreadsheet was extremely helpful that will definitely stay w/ me for a long time.

The knowledge and skills Iíve got in this class.

The assignments we had and the skills we gained by taking the course.

I had never used PowerPoint before, and after our lecture on how to use it, I was really surprised at how simple to use it was.

Using Excel methods.

The fast connection & PowerPoint.

Learning new concepts in Excel and PowerPoint.

Trying to do graphs in Excel because it was the only new thing I learned.

I never thought that MS Office could be such a powerful tool. Though Iíve used it all these years, I learned many new things.

Assignments to help my understanding of Excel and PowerPoint better.

I remember the Excel lecture because it is the most important for business.

How to use applications better, because he showed us.

I will remember the print screen button, itís so cool, and most people, even good computer users donít know how to use it.

Responses about networking activity:

Iíll remember on the 1st day of class, every student took turn to say something about himself/herself.

Seeing the website Ė very detailed. Finding out a little bit about classmates.

Another event which I will not forget is the first day of class. Never has a teacher taken time out to hear all the studentís responses on non-related class issues.

Also, in the start of class when you asked us to talk about ourselves. Thatís unusual.

First day when he asked questions about students (name, major, what they want to learn). It showed he cared about the students.

Responses about the instructor:

What I will remember most about this class is Mikeís willingness to ensure his students are comfortable with all material covered in this class. He is very knowledgeable about the material in class and is always eager to help us out with any questions the class may have.

I will remember the email conversations we had regarding class material. The tone of our conversations was very friendly and welcoming.

1) I was able to meet with him and go over an entire class that I had missed due to illness., 2) All the assignments, grades, expectations, and tutorials were clearly laid out. 3) The website.

The shortcuts he showed us with the various programs.

I will remember the teacherís pleasant and easy to work with personality, his responsiveness to homework assignments, and the material that was taught.

First day a personalized email response. Good info on first day, yet showed nerves! And I was happy to see that he takes time for each individual homework assignment rather than grade the work ASAP without attention to detail.

He made sure to answer any questions anyone had and went over what was necessary to pass the class.

The instructor explains everything in detail.

What I would remember the most is learning the programs that I didnít have any knowledge in. I would also remember how nice and easygoing the teacher and class was.

2. What were the most significant qualities or methods of the instructor that contributed to your learning?

Responses about the instructorís personality:

Mike is just a great teacher! Friendly, helpful, kind, and funny. (Thanks! I just had to put this first - Mike)

He was easy to approach.

He is very friendly and approachable, so itís easier to come to him whenever I have a question.

Nice & easy to talk to. Made it clear that if there were any questions he would stop to answer them.

Was accessible during class.

Nice guy.

Very helpful/informative. Fair grader.

Hands-on & willing to help when needed.

Quick response to individual help.

When he was being helpful.

Willing to stay after class and help students.

Was willing to help when I had problems, showed me the basics & then the harder things.

Mr. Splane is a funny and open person. He makes the class time more enjoyable by showing us how to do all the creative way on the assignment. He shows the techniques step by step which make me understand the technique more easily and quickly.


You can tell that he cares about the students. His class is easy to understand for beginners as well as experts.

He was patient and went step by step.

His patience, he always stopped what he was doing if you had questions, and was always happy to help.

Very patient and willing to help; did not seem frustrated or think any questions were too simple or dumb.

Any questions he was more than helpful to answer.

Very precise and always stopped to ask if anyone had questions.

When questions were asked, answer was clear. If not, willing to stay and explain.

1) He tried his best to help us understand the material 2) easy accessibility 3) Always responded to email.

Responses about the website:

The website (class) was helpful.

The online postings.

Using web to explain everything.

The instructor went through an outline which his lesson was based on.

Easy, simple, clear directions.

(Easy) Good access website with objectives and assignments clearly stated.

Well organized with everything on website.

Responses about instructorís knowledge of the material:

The instructor was approachable and friendly and knew the material well.

He knows his stuff J

The instructor knew what he was talking about.

He acted as if he cared, as well as being very knowledgeable.

He is good.

His knowledge of the material.

Mike is always prepared before lecture. The in-class assignments and lecture prepared me for all the assignments as well as provided me with the ability to incorporate what I learned in class into a corporate environment.

Showed me more about Excel.

Really knowledgeable in the course material.

Responses about teaching methods:

He is very thorough with his lectures. His tests are based on information that is related to the assignments.

Excel lecture. His hands on lectures were most helpful, because we can apply it at the same time.

Very thorough in going over things.

He kept going over the material until everyone said they understood it.

By him repeating info helped a lot.

Attention to detail. Covered a lot of information within a limited time. Was open to questions of students.

Things not understood were explained over and over.

That we make sure we check our work.

Work in class. Him explaining each step.

The instructor should have explained in more detail and step by step details on this course.

Took us in baby steps and didnít rush through anything.

The hands-on approach he had and his step by step teaching method.

Showed us hands-on.

Hands-on learning.

Thorough explanation of material and hands-on training.

He did a lot of hands-on examples during class. He used class time effectively.

Hands-on and visual information.

I liked the overhead presentation & the hands-on demos.

He not only explained it but showed us on the projector as he went along.

The overhead projection.

In-class assignments where you showed us how to do things.

Assignments and demonstrations.

In class demonstrations, homework assignments.

The in-class assignments really helped, because I get to play around with the programs. I think I learned the most from that.

To make a worksheet of demand forecast.

The instructor was clear on what each student had to do which was helpful. Basically it wasnít as confusing.

He taught us good techniques.

For this type of class, his style is fine.

It was all good.

3. What should the instructor know, either about his teaching style or about your or other studentís experiences, in order to teach the course more effectively?

Responses from satisfied students:

The instructor should know that his openness makes him approachable and this is his main strength in teaching effectively.

He is an effective teacher. I learned a lot in a short period of time.

He is good.

Keep up the good work.

Youíre a very good teacher. Super-helpful. I donít feel intimidated to the point that I canít ask questions.

He was pretty effective.

He was very detailed in describing all of the functions for the program.

Did a good job of explaining himself and his requirements. Up to students to get more out of class.

Everything was fine. No improvement needed J

Itís already an effective course.

No change. None. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing really. The professor did a good job teaching the course. He was very helpful and explained the programs really well.

Since the course is so short the method that he is using is efficient enough.

Hands-on example is a great idea. Used classed time effectively, THANK YOU

Canít suggest anything.

No lacks in that area.

I like his teaching style. I learned how to use the applications more so than before.

I think the instructor is great. He should teach the same way.

Responses about instructorís delivery:

Spread voice and eye contact to both sides of room.

Kind of hard to understand the materials if youíre sitting in the back.

Speak Louder. (Several students mentioned this. Iíll work harder on it Ė Mike)

I couldnít understand him most the time b/c he just mumbles away.

Maybe liven up delivery Ė keep students attention.

Course was kind of boring at times. Find a way to pep things up.

Classes tend to get boring.

Try to make it more exciting.

He should involve the class more. (I agree. Iím experimenting to find better ways to do this Ė Mike.)

Make class more interactive to encourage participation

Try to be more interactive. Work with individuals.

Being interactive with students helps them understand better.

Responses about class pace:

Donít go so fast, sometimes things are showed too quickly.

Slow down a little on the areas that are new to a majority of students.

Go at slower pace.

Slow moving class. Teacher should warn students of average skill that this may not be the class for them.

Teach slower! Some students are too afraid to ask questions for fear of feeling stupid.

Should involve the students a little more. Also he can slow down a bit so that students can get all the details.

Make sure all students are in phase with him.

Responses about course material:

Spend more time on Excel.

Go over PowerPoint and graphs more.

He needs to know what other teachers expect from us, so he can teach us materials that we need.

Give handouts of how to do something.

Providing handouts in class of what is on the website. I couldnít print some of the examples because I didnít have the software.

Feedback needed on homework turned in for grade.

Possibly offer more descriptive study tools for tests.

Handouts, more 1 on 1 instruction, and a little more time.

General comments:

Some of the students I observed were having a hard time getting around in MS Excel & PowerPoint, & they were shy to ask questions. Probably they need to be encouraged to ask questions (You already encourage students to do so).

Make sure the students did the homework before describing the function in class. At some point I didnít have the info that he was talking about.

Force students to do in-class assignments.

Be specific on what we need to learn.

Itís important to be aware of any specialized needs a student may have in order to make the proper accommodations.

4. What 2 or 3 changes are most critical to improve the overall value of the course?

Responses from satisfied students:

Nothing. Bravo, Prof. Splane! J

None are needed.

None. Itís set up perfect.

I wouldnít really change anything.

My overall knowledge in the areas he taught was increased significantly.

Course is fine.

I think itís good enough the way it is.



No changes.

N/A because it is up to the student to take this class for what it is worth. Teacher explained and taught class well and efficient.

None. Great course!

Nothing, he did an excellent job & increased my knowledge.

Nothing, I think the course is fine as it is.

Everything is ok.

I think the class is well as it is and the professor did an excellent job in teaching the course. Thanks Professor Splane.

Responses about class length:

I wish the class was longer. The instructor had a lot of good techniques and Iím sure I would have learned more with additional time.

Itís a little short to learn all you need to know about Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Make it a bit longer.

Four weeks isnít long enough.

You need a warm-up week for students that are unsure of the computer itself. (Good idea! Iíll add some introductory stuff for students who want to stay late after the first-day lecture.)

If the course was made a little longer, more material could be covered.

To make this course for the whole semester meeting like other classes because itís really important to any business students. J

Responses about instructorís delivery:

Should be a little bit more lively. A little lenient on grading J

Getting everyone to pay attention.

Maybe more activities to get the class more interactive.

Just need to be louder.

A microphone. ( Iíve asked for one Ė Mike)

Less boring. Everything else is good.

More feedback.

Teaching delivery.

In class lecture/communication.

Responses about class pace:

Some of the information that was new to me was hard to follow because you went through it so fast.

Too much time is wasted.

Go at a slower pace, and more hands-on activities.

Repeat things twice, once when you do it and one after you do it. Otherwise he was a good teacher.

Donít assume we know! Most of us wonít say we donít know when you ask.

He should ask more often if people are lost during lecture.

Donít just teach the class assuming we will learn it the first time. Go to every student and see if they have any problems.

Teach things quicker. I knew 80% of the things covered already.

Responses about course material:

Provide notes to the on-line ďoutlinesĒ. The assignments were very clearly written, which was very much appreciated.

The information on assignment #3, is not very clear. If I had no visual example I would have done it wrong.

This class is good enough the way it is, but the homework needs more instructions. A lot of times, with Excel, I didnít know where to find things.

Explain the homework assignment clearly.

He needs to give our work back and explain what we did wrong.

Be clear on everything. Back up lectures with handouts.

Handouts, more 1 on 1 instruction, and a little more time.

Informative handouts.

Responses about course content:

Heís too basic.

Slower and more info on PowerPoint and Word.

Less repetitious classes on material and more classes with more informational content.

Tie this class more into Business 20/21 to really show a neat way to do accounting that is fun and neat!

Some of the stuff was not hard enough.

Incorporate MS Access by probably extending the length of the course by 2-3 sessions.

General comments:

The screen is not very clear at all, so it is hard to keep us when you are in the back.

Making the projection screen more readable Ė what an eye strain.

More structure when going through the class website in class. At times I would find myself not knowing where to click on the site to get to where he was talking about.


Thanks for all the great ideas! Ė Mike


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