Team-Building Project


This is not an individual assignment. Your team will work together to create:

·         A PowerPoint presentation showing pictures and other additional information about each team member.

·         A YouTube video, posted online, showing your PowerPoint.

·         A Google Doc describing the team members.

At the end of the assignment, you will turn in one CFU form to cover your entire team’s work.


Learning Objectives - Summary of Key Points

Understand how to use collaboration tools to create a Google Doc.

Understand how to create a PowerPoint presentation.

Understand how to create a YouTube video and post it online.


Advice on Team Work


“The pride of ownership makes people more invested in the success of a process, gets them to contribute more than what's listed in the job description, pretty soon they're coming to you with ways to improve the process. Act as if you're 100% responsible for the success of this process. You're not *really*, lots of people contribute to it, but act as if you are. Don't wait around twiddling your thumbs for some person who's behind on a deadline, go call, email, pound on their door, ask if there's anything you can help with, do whatever you can to make the process work. If someone not financially inclined gives you some numbers, do everything you can to make sure they're accurate. Don't just assume they will be, don't just prepare to lay it at that person's feet if the numbers are wrong. You're not responsible for just your individual tasks in the process, you're responsible for the success of the entire thing. You own it.”

Source JJ Walker


These are the notes I put together when I was a student trying to survive team-work assignments


A good team can make or break your grade so learning how to manage teams is vital.


The Google Doc


Create a single Google document with two-three paragraphs of information about each team member.

Share access to the Google doc with your team. The instructor does not need to have access.


Google Docs Videos

This is Google Drive     Time = 0:30


Meet the new Google Drive     Time = 1:41


Google Docs in Plain English - Concepts overview     Time = 2:50


Introducing a new Google Docs     Time = 1:45


Sharing in Google Docs     Time = 2:22


Using Forms in Google Docs     Time = 1:59


The document should be professional in appearance, with colors and graphics. 

At the top of the first page show:

·         The team name (you’ll need to make one up),

·         The names of the team members,

·         BUS91L or BUS91A,

·         Your section number,

·         The current semester.


In the body of the document, show the name of each individual team member, followed by their picture, followed by three paragraphs about that person.

Each paragraph should include at least three sentences.

Do not include information or pictures that could be embarrassing to you.


Convert the file into a Word Document


Video     Time = 3:03

Convert Google Sheets to Excel and Excel to Google Sheets


Format the student names at the top of the individual sections using a Heading 3 style  The keyboard shortcut for Heading 3 style is CTRL+ALT+3.

Insert a table of contents at the top of the document, below the team info.

This will display the team members’ names if you have applied the Heading style correctly.

Here is Table of Contents Help:     Time = 2:15


Save the document as a web page on your desktop. Use Team as the file name.  Do not use any spaces in the file name!



Open the file in a web browser. When you get it working, take a screen shot to include in your TEAM CFU form.


The PowerPoint


This assignment builds on skills taught in these two Business 91L lessons. Take a look at them if you need to review your skills.


You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation with a title slide, one slide for each member of the group, and an ending slide.

If you want to work together as a team, you can do the assignment in Google Slides, and then convert it to a PowerPoint.  Note: some PowerPoint features are missing from Google slides.


·         The first slide will show the team name, the team members’ names and five things that your team members share in common.

·         Each team member’s slide should show the student’s name, a picture of the student, their major or concentration, plus several “Fun Facts” about the student.

·         Do not include information or pictures that could be embarrassing to you.

·         The ending slide should show any random image and at least one sentence.

·         Animate the presentation to automatically advance the slides.  Allow a time delay of at about 3-6 seconds between slides, to give the viewers time to read the content.


The YouTube video


Each team, after completing the PowerPoint, will convert it to a YouTube video and post it online. Individual team members do not have to post it separately; this is a team project.


When you set up your YouTube channel, set the privacy setting of the video to “unlisted” if you don’t want it to be viewable by the whole world (you almost certainly don’t). 


When you get the video posted online and working, you are done. Be prepared to show the YouTube video to your professor during the next class. U form.


Here is help, if you need it:


How to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a YouTube video 

Instructions Page for PPT 2013


Instructions video for PPT 2016     Time = 2:07


Video instructions, shows how to record sound     Time = 3:53


How to create a YouTube account and upload a video     Time = 7:20


How to create a YouTube channel from your phone      Time = 3:03


How to make videos with your phone     Time = 3:58

Review – Fine Points

Advice on giving PowerPoint presentations


Instructions for the Check for Understanding (CFU) form.

I do not need to see any screenshots for this assignment. Please be prepared to show me your team’s YouTube video during class,



Check for Understanding – Team Building Project

This is the CFU form for the entire group.


Name 1   ____________________________________________


Name 2   ____________________________________________


Name 3   ____________________________________________


Name 4   ____________________________________________

Y/N We can use Google Docs collaboration tools.

Y/N We can create a PowerPoint presentation.

Y/N We can create a YouTube video and post it online.