Excel Macros Part 2

This lesson explains how to use the VBA editor to create and edit Macros.


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Covered in Macros 1

Understand how to Record Macros

Use ALT F11 to open VBA Editor

Use the VBA Editor tools to edit macros.

Know that red text in the VBA code indicates an error in that instruction.

Understand how to protect a worksheet.

Understand how to save the file as a Macros enabled file type.


Learning Objectives – Summary of Key Points

Understand how to save a file as a Macros-enabled file type.

Understand how to create a Message Box in VBA.

Understand how to select a cell and add a value to it.

Understand how to work with dynamic named ranges.

Understand how to create a For-Next loop in VBA




VBA Basics Tutorial #1       Time = 6:29

Task: Create a MsgBox macro and run it.


VBA Select a Cell and Assign a Value to it.     Time = 4:10

Task: Duplicate the code in the video and run it. Write your own macro to select cell D4 and enter your first name into it.


VBA Create a Dynamic Range Reference      Time = 2:29

VBA Select Dynamic Ranges        Time = 1:21

Task: Create a macro to select a dynamic range reference.


VBA Select Fixed Named Ranges        Time = 1:36

VBA Copying/Pasting Ranges         Time = 1:11

Task: Create a named range. Write a macro to select the range.


VBA Running Macros from a Validation List using the Case method     Time  =  9:11

Task: Create a Case macro to Show a MsgBox AND to change the content of a cell, based on choices from a drop down list.


VBA Creating a Popup Menu #1          Time = 2:12

VBA Creating a Popup Menu #2          Time = 9:20

Task: Create a popup menu on a button to run the macros you created in this assignment.



This is the end of the lesson.


 Instructions for the Check for Understanding (CFU) form.

A CFU form is turned in for every assignment.

Starting with the line for your name, copy and paste the CFU form into a Word document.

Fill in your name, date, section number

Circle (or indicate by highlighting) a Y or N response for each statement. I do not subtract points for No answers.

Below the list of Y/N statements, insert ONE screenshot of any part of your work. I just need to see something to prove that you did the assignment. I don’t need to see all of the assignment.  Resize the screenshot, if necessary, so both the form and graphic can fit on one page.

A copy of the CFU is due to be turned in during the next class session

Name _______________________________      Date___________       Section _______

Check for Understanding – Excel Macros 2

Y/N I can create a For-Next loop in VBA

Y/N I can create a Message Box in VBA,