Excel Dashboards 2

This lesson shows how to display data in several different graphic formats.


In this lesson you will be building several dashboards and charts.

The data you will be using for this assignment is in this workbook


When you have done all of the tasks fill out the Check for Understanding (CFU) form.


Summary of Key Tasks - Learning Objectives

Create a Gantt Chart.

Create a Pyramid Chart.

Create a Speedometer Dashboard.

Create a Thermometer Dashboard.

Create a Scroll Bar in a worksheet.


2013 Gantt Chart†††† Time = 5:23

This one introduces a function called WORKDAYS.


Task: Reproduce the Gantt Chart.


2013 Pyramid Chart†††† Time = 4:35


Task: Reproduce the Pyramid Chart


2013 Speedometer Dashboard†††† Time = 10:54


Task: Reproduce the speedometer Dashboard


2013 Thermometer Dashboard†††† Time = 4:24†††† This video is not closed-captioned.


Task: Reproduce the Thermometer Dashboard


2016 Create a Scroll Bar††† Time = 2:51


Task: Create a pair of Scroll Bars as shown in the video.

Instructions for the Check for Understanding (CFU) form.

Starting with the line for your name, copy and paste the CFU form into a Word document.

Fill in your name, date, section number

Circle (or indicate by highlighting) a Y or N response for each statement. I do not subtract points for No answers.

Below the list of Y/N statements, insert ONE screenshot of any part of your work. I just need to see something to prove that you did the assignment. I donít need to see all of the assignment.Resize the screenshot, if necessary, so both the form and graphic can fit on one page.

A copy of the CFU is due to be turned in during the next class session.I do not accept CFUís through email.


Name _______________________________††††† Date___________†††††† Section _______

Check for Understanding Ė Excel 2013 Dashboards 2

Y/N I can create a Gantt Chart.

Y/N I can create a Pyramid Chart.

Y/N I can create a Speedometer Dashboard.

Y/N I can create a Thermometer Dashboard.

Y/N I can create a Scroll Bar in a worksheet.