Becoming a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist

Mike Splane 2016


What is Microsoft Office Specialist Certification? Time = 4:43


Information About Taking the Exam

Signing up for the exam is a two-part process. First you go to Certiport to create your account and to search for a specific exam.


Then you pick a testing center to actually take the exam. Certiport has a search tool on their website to help you find a testing center near you.



The exam is timed. IIRC I had 90 minutes to complete it. Even with the time it took me to figure out how to do unfamiliar tasks I still had plenty of time left over, about 20 minutes.


You have to do each task using the specific method they ask for, with no intermediate steps and without using shortcut keys. If you have to do some trial and error to figure out how to complete a task, press the RESET button when you have it figured out. Then, to earn full credit, go back and complete the task again, without using shortcut keys.


Review of the 2016 Excel Exam 12:57

Sample CMOS Test Questions

I have created a workbook to accompany these videos. Download it here.


Worksheet Skills Graphics

Create a Chart Time = 3:33


Format a Chart Time = 3:13


Insert and Format Objects Time = 4:55


Create a Trendline Time = 0:34


Apply Conditional Formatting Time = 1:00


Worksheet Skills Functions

Use the SUMIFS Function Time = 0:59 Not closed captioned.


Use the VLOOKUP Function Time = 1:03 Not closed captioned.


Data Validation Time = 1:11


Worksheet Skills Pivot Tables and Macros

Create a Pivot Table Time = 1:12


Create a Macro Time = 1:00


Create a Macro Button Form Control Time = 0:57


Worksheet Skills General Tasks

Protect a Worksheet Time = 1:23 Not closed captioned.


Enable Background Error Checking Time = 0:41


Use the Evaluate Formulas Tool Time = 1:40


Use the Watch Window Time = 0:52


Iterative Calculation Time = 0:40


Trace Formula Precedents Time = 0:40


Use the Scenario Manager Time = 1:22


Workbook Skills

Track Changes Time = 0:44 Not closed captioned.


Customize Printer Settings

From 10:45 to 13:45 in this video.


Change Document Settings Time = 1:00

File Tab -> Info -> Properties (top right) -> Select Advanced Properties

Fill in the fields listed on the Summary tab and on the Custom tab. Click Ok.


Sharing a Workbook Time = 0:46 Not closed captioned.


Mark a Workbook as Final and Save It. Time = 0:40


Encrypt a Workbook Time = 1:02 Not closed captioned.


Customizing Excel




Name _______________________________ Date___________ Section _______

Check for Understanding Excel Certification

Y/N I am prepared to take a general Excel skills test for employment purposes.

Y/N I understand how to sign up for the Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Exam.

Y/N I have watched the CMOS videos covering the topics I was not already clear on.